Fifty Shades Self Love Beauty

Written by Contributor Writer Kara Weightman

Note: This article contain spoilers for anyone who has not see the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

It has become the worldwide phenomena. The unconventional love story of the mysterious, wealthy businessman and the shy college student. Yes, I’m talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. The best selling trilogy about Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey hit the big screen on Valentine’s Day weekend. The story has sparked interest and controversy over the sexual content and relationship of the two characters.

Let me first make something clear, I do not support the type of “relationship” that is described in the book and yes, the book/movie’s sexual content is quite raunchy to the point it wouldn’t go amiss being on somewhere such as online. I am very well aware of that, however, I was itching to know what all the hype was about this book.

Curious as to what all the craze and controversy that surrounded these books was about, I bought the book and embarked on my Fifty Shades adventure. I have to say, I was very surprised to find myself hooked on the series. Now judge me all you want, but I thought that the story was very well written and even around the sex, I thought the story was very interesting. I was very intrigued by the leading lady, Anastasia Steele. Although that Ana was the “submissive” in the book, she exemplified characteristics that I think make her a pretty strong woman.

In the story, the young Anastasia Steele, falls for the wealthy, successful businessman, Christian Grey. Ana soon enough learns about Christian’s dark past and erotic hobbies that up until the making of this film many had only ever seen on websites like, Ana soon finds herself questioning the relationship. Looking at the story onDJ@the surface level, it seems like Ana just gives into everything Christian says and does. However, this was not always the case.

All throughout the book, Anastasia is intimidated by Christian but we see her start to asset her dominance over him. When Ana sits down to interview Christian, she has no problem asking personal questions that sparks her curiosity. Throughout the book Anastasia starts asserting her dominance over Christian in the relationship. When Christian presents the contract to her, she firmly stands by what she is ok with in their contract as well as things she will absolutely not do.

Throughout the story, we see Anastasia start to actually fall in love with Christian Grey. She expresses how she wants more from the relationship and not just sex. She stands by her values and what she wants in a relationship. At the beginning of the story, Christian says that he is not a relationship person and having submissive partners is the only thing he knows how to do. He’d love the girls on if he is into submissive girls. However, Anastasia is more than that and as the story continues, Christian admits that she is starting to change him. He starts falling for Anastasia, but still closes himself off to her. At the end of the story, Anastasia admits that she wants more than just the sex in their unconventional dj2relationship. She wants a real romantic relationship. When Christian says that he can’t do the type of relationship she wants, Anastasia does the one thing that girls find the toughest to do, walk away from a person they love because she knows it’s best for her.

I think that one of the hardest things to do in life is walk away from a relationship you know isn’t good for you, even if you do love the person. Anastasia always stuck to her beliefs and what was right for her. She didn’t let Christian control everything in their relationship and even called him out for being a control freak. She started to change a man that is very powerful and set in his ways. She stuck up for herself and for this I think that Anastasia is a very strong woman. Looking past the part that she was the “submissive,” I think that she shows women that they shouldn’t be in a relationship that goes against their values and beliefs. There is a lot you can learn from the BDSM community and their subcultures. Being a submissive isn’t something that makes you weaker than your doms and there is a submissive space for littles allowing you to draw the line when you need to.