consistency self love beauty

Written By Contributor Writer: Stephanee Fuller

Whenever we are granted the opportunity to participate in “newness”, either in a relationship, a job, a hobby or even a life changing vision; we are willing to invest whatever excitement and time we have into that project. However, what happens overtime? That’s right, somehow  the very person or thing that seemed to help us understand our very existence, at some point, isn’t what drive us anymore, it isn’t what keeps us up late at night because we’re excited to meet it again the next day, it is no longer what we have saved as our screen savers on our cell phones or lap tops, and it has finally failed at being the subject of every conversation with our family and friends. The disappointment in the person or thing that has not lived up to our expectations or has disguised it or themselves to be something it or they weren’t has caused us to become inconsistent; losing our passion, losing our cutting edge.

Cutting Edge: is often referred to as the sharp end of a tool or a blade, it is the part of the tool or the blade that matters most because without it, it’s purpose is useless. Sure, you can try cutting with a dull blade, but what does a dull blade leave us with? That’s right, raggedy edges, and even if some may try to convince themselves that they don’t mind, the truth is, no one wants to present something with raggedy edges. In the same way, our passion is our cutting edge, the sharp end of our blade, and without it we instantly become useless or find ourselves attempting to cut with a dull blade. We should not ever lose our cutting edge or passion because we have simply worked too hard, we have spent too much money, and have lost too much time that we’ll never get back; to give up or to start cutting into our dreams, jobs, or relationships with a dull blade.

So now, the question is, “how does one never lose their cutting edge?” I’m glad you finally asked! Now, I know many of you may be looking or expecting some ten step process of “how to never lose your cutting edge”, but I’ve always been a “straight to the point” kind of girl, therefore, the answer is simple: consistency. I know that a word like this that ultimately deals with our character is hard for us to process because “we” always tend to think that all of our problems exist outside of ourselves. However, most of the time, just a microscopic adjustment to our character can fix many of our problems. The best way to get over the idea of having to change ourselves is by knowing and understanding that we’re not doing it for anything or anyone else, but that we’re ultimately doing it for “self”.

consistency self love beauty

Consistency: is having the ability to maintain the same or constant attitude and behavior. Real consistency is the ability to start that job or relationship excited and to remain excited, it is sending that “good morning” text around the same time every day, it is offering to buy your boss coffee on Wednesday during your lunch break like you “always” do, it is praying for that loved on a daily basis. The reason why consistency is connected or is the root to keeping our cutting edge is because consistency has no other choice but to yield in good results even in what may seem like a hopeless situation. Consistency expresses our hope and our hope ignites our passion and it is our passion (or our cutting edge) is what empowers us to keep going.

Never Give Up!