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Written By Contributor Writer Megan Shankland 

Ah, thanksgiving. A time to stop, relax and reflect on the past year. Before the scramble of the holiday season and chaos of black Friday we’re allowed a holiday that doesn’t come with songs or movies, just family and food—the important stuff. It’s this time of year when I’m constantly reminded the craziness that is my life has been worth something and I can finally catch up on some much-needed sleep.

It’s easy to forget we’re blessed while in the middle of deadlines, stress and tears…lots of tears. It’s easy to break down and laugh historically at your calendar. So let’s take a moment to reflect on our perfectly imperfect lives and remember at the end of the day we can always eat our feelings in gravy.

Here are six reasons why you should be counting your blessings twice this year.


Perhaps this is the most obvious blessing we have. No matter how large, small, traditional or non-traditional your family is, they’re yours and they aren’t going anywhere! Family is who we are, where we come from and perhaps the foreshadow of who we’ll become. We’ve laugh cried and fought with each other, but most importantly we’ve had one another’s back. Thanksgiving brings you together even when distance might keep you apart.


In other words, these are the people we choose as family. The people who will tell you when you’re out of line, wearing the wrong color and couldn’t live without you. We’re the most comfortable with sharing our deepest concerns, goals and secrets with them. Friends grow, laugh and learn with you. They’re there on the midnight runs to McDonalds and the all-nighter library trips. Friends understand your humor and encourage you to express yourself.


Be thankful for all the opportunities that come your way. It’s easy to be jealous of what others have and getting down on yourself when you can’t obtain what you want. Don’t forget there’s someone else out there who’d be willing to give anything to be in your shoes. Know every offer coming your way is better than none and try to see the positives in your situation.


Part time, full time or just straight up occasional, be grateful for the employment you have. It’s not until you lose your job when you realize how good you actually had it. On the days when the clock seems not to be moving and you want to be anywhere else but there, remember how fortunate you are to have an income.


Whoops that was a bad idea. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done that. Mistakes mold who we are and painfully teach us not to go down that road again. It’s not to say we don’t have any regrets, it just makes us a little bit stronger. So cheers to my mistakes, your mistakes and the inevitable mistakes yet to come.


Because we are still talking about Thanksgiving. Let’s not forget how very, very thankful we are for the home cooked food we didn’t pay for and didn’t require microwaving (score)! It’s another time to remember the best meals are shared with those we love, and perhaps shared with mounds of mashed potatoes, turkey AND ham because it’s the season to overeat.

This Thanksgiving, be thankful for the chaos and loved ones you have. Remember to laugh a lot and never take those in your life for granted. #Thankful.