beauty self love

Written by contributor writer Meghan Ervine

These days it feels as though the media is taunting women everywhere, telling them you need to look like a stunning beach goddess or stick thin model and have the upmost confidence to be considered interesting, desirable or beautiful. At least that’s what it feels like.

It is so easy to compare ourselves to other women on Instagram, Facebook and other social media mediums. It feels like my feed is constantly being flooded with pictures of beautiful, confident girls who like models on Tumblr, having the time of their lives, surrounded by boys and friends.

Only The Highlights 

But, the truth is, what we see on social media is just the highlights in everyone’s life. Yet, girls are compromising their uniqueness, their authenticity, to conform and look like everybody else, because they truly believe if they just looked like this or that, then they would be fulfilled and happy. We need to remind ourselves that what we see on social media isn’t even truly real.

Trust me I understand, we all desire to be wanted and to be known, especially because of our beauty. We have this need to stand out and frankly, be a knock out. What women wouldn’t want men to stop and stare and what women wouldn’t want to be considered captivating? But when did we start critiquing what is considered beautiful and attractive? And why is this critique so dependent on what people look like? Why aren’t we celebrating each other’s unique and authentic beauty? Because isn’t that what makes women truly beautiful? Our little quirks, distinct traits and even dare I say flaws. The things that set us apart from other women instead of the things that make us like everyone else. I’m talking about the type of beauty that can’t be copied or manufactured, or enhanced with beautifully styled hair and outfits. I’m talking about a beauty that is so genuine and authentic; it can’t be taken away because it’s ingrained in our hearts, our souls. It’s a beauty that has everything to do with a women’s heart and her inner beauty. Authentic beauty is the beauty we should use to define women, because being real is far greater and far better than exhaustively trying to fit in with everyone else and what’s popular.

Being authentic is what makes you set apart, and ladies, let me tell you, it is so incredibly freeing to embrace the authentic beauty that makes you, you! We are all created and designed to be different, not one of us are the same, so why do we do everything in our power to transform ourselves into the women popular on the mainstream media? The media creates all this pressure to be perfect and that can be emotionally exhausting and draining. No one is perfect; we all have things we don’t like about ourselves. If women were more open about these things and more vulnerable in the media and in general, this would create a platform for women to feel comfortable being their real, beautiful, unique selves. It would also show that our flaws don’t define us, just like our outer beauty doesn’t either. SO let’s renew our view of beauty, because the truth is it’s our heart that defines our beauty, our authentic, beautiful hearts.

Authentic beauty is something to be cherished and something to be valued because it’s something every women possesses, but is completely her own that no one can ever take away. It’s an original beauty that is wonderful, honest, genuine, and so, so beautiful. Women should be confident in the characteristics they possess that make them different from everyone else, because they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Created to be unique and captivating works of art.