Written by Contributor Writer Hollie Dickman

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Soul Pancake asked this question to people ranging in age from 0-100 and found some incredible responses. Check the video out below.

“The interesting thing, as you probably already know, is we give the best advice to other people as opposed to taking it for ourselves.” Age 45

I think this is so true. I can spout advice to people all day, but when it comes to me, I am hard pressed to use that advice. This video shows that no matter the age, there is always advice worth implementing in our lives.

“Trust your heart and follow it.” Age 9

At 20 years old, I continue to find it a constant struggle to trust and follow my heart. However, at nine years old, this kid has got a great piece of advice. Loving makes life worthwhile. Loving family, friends, a significant other, your work, yourself. People throughout the ages commented on love and following your heart as their best advice, it is a constant we should always strive for.

“You will succeed in life by keeping your eyes and ears open.” Age 80

This piece of advice I found very interesting, as I think it is something you learn the more you experience life. Living in the moment and being present. One never knows who they might meet or if they aren’t paying attention, what one might miss.

“Go get lost.” Age 32

One of my favorite sayings and something I think everyone needs to do every now and then. Lose yourself in something; a book, a story, a hike in the woods, a vacation. Have an adventure every day.

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” Age 17

In life there are so many situations that will make you feel uncomfortable, but often those experiences end up being the most rewarding. Growing up always being slightly awkward, I embraced this about myself and this made it so much easier to put myself out there and just go for it.

“Don’t worry about it. There’s no problem right now that is going to be that big in a week, a month, a year.” Age 33

As a worrier who is always trying to plan, I love this piece of advice. Let go of the little things that in the long run really won’t matter. There is so much to come.

“You’re never going to spend your last day on Earth wondering why you did something, but why you didn’t.” Age 43

As an over-thinker, I can appreciate this advice. It would inspire me to step out of that comfort zone and take those opportunities to live life to the fullest.

Everybody needs a good piece of inspiration and advice now and then. Sites like Abundance Advice have loads of different pages with advice about how to live your best life and this video shows that no matter who you are or how old you are there is always something to learn to make our lives the best they can be. I hope that when I am 100 I can say that I used these pieces of advice to live the best life possible.