Today is Mother’s Day! A day where we get to celebrate our mothers, god mothers, people that have been mom’s to us. I think it is so important we celebrate them.

Why? Because they have the WORLD’S TOUGHEST JOB!


The job is a mandatory of more than 135+ hours a week of work and it requires someone to be on call at all times, day or night. You have to where multiple hates including knowledge of psychology, medicine, personal finance, culinary arts and basic technology skills. Not only do you have to be skilled in many areas, it has physical requirements as well including the ability to stand for hours, lift up to 75 pounds, be constantly moving and operate on little to no sleep.

This job offers no medical or dental benefits, no pension and no paid holidays, but did offer “infinite opportunities for personal growth and rewards.”

Check out this video to understand what the job is like and watch until the end, it is worth it.

I personally couldn’t make it through the video without tears. Thank you to my amazing mom for doing the toughest job in the world, because you did, I am who I am. I love you.

Make sure to wish those around you Happy Mother’s Day.