You know, try as I might, and believe me I do. I just can’t seem to get that little nagging voice out of my head that something is wrong with me.

We all have different relationships with our bodies. Some of us might feel confident being plus size or confident that they’re naturally skinny. Others might do Perth waist training because they like the way it makes them look. A few of us might feel like we need to do more to get a better body. But however you feel about your body, it’s important to know that your body is perfect no matter what you do with it.

Has anyone else ever been in this situation?

Okay, so you’ve made it.
You’re at the gym and the coast is clear. (I can imagine you are double taking right now before you climb onto the treadmill to make sure you are alone.)
This isn’t so bad. You think as you stand atop the treadmill. You place your water bottle in the left compartment, your keys in the right. You’ve got your Spotify playlist ready to go and after one deep breath, you press Quick Start.

Now we’re moving.

After a few minutes, you feel you can up the ante.
Yeah, I’ve got this! What was once a level 2 now becomes a level 3.4 and you are already feeling the burn in your legs.
I really should go on walks more. You think to yourself, wiping your forehead. You smile to yourself as you hone in on the nearest television. You can’t hear the words, but it still has your attention.
As long as I don’t think about what I am doing, then I will be okay.

No, please don’t come over here. You’re in a panic. The neighboring treadmill is now occupied by non other than “senior-year-of-volleyball” girl, who is extremely tanned, perfect hair up in a pony tail, and wait, did she just press level 6? Is she really starting the run at level 6?
Your eyes fall back to your own treadmill, to which your 3.4 now feels like a joke. You look around the gym, now noticing that a thousand new people have since joined you. Man, it is getting really crowded in here.

You pause, finger hovering over the stop button.
The machine shuts down. You come to a stop, not daring look up at your results board. You gather your things and you slink out of there before anyone even notices.

It’s more common than you think.

And I am here to tell you one thing and one thing only. Despite what you may think, and yes it can be horrendously believable, no one is honestly noticing you at the gym. Everyone is too busy worrying about how they look and heck, if you’re in a really good place, they are only worried about how long they can maintain that level 6 on the treadmill. Everyone’s got a story to how they got to the gym. Some have had children, others have had surgeries that caused a weight gain, and some just really want to tone up. Everyone is at different levels of experience and I promise that everyone you see around you, and yes, even “senior-year-of-volleyball” girl is worried about how thick her calves look.

You have to stay healthy and committed to you.

Your body type is perfect just the way it is. No body type is the perfect body type. Just remember, everyone is racing their own voice in their head. Just turn up the music a little louder to drown it out and enjoy the run!