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Okay…Okay…Just stay calm. STAY CALM. Do I look calm? I think I appear calm. I mean what IS calm anyways? How does everyone else look so, so RELAXED? I feel like I can’t breathe. Yep, I can’t breathe. Crap. This is what dying feels like, isn’t it?

Well, well old friend. You are a hard beast to figure out. You are such a common little thing too, always appearing when no one wants you to. I personally have been victimized by your outlandish ways. I can hardly remember the last time that I haven’t felt some type of chest palpitation at any given moment of the day. I heard my friends have used cbd oil to get rid of you but I’m yet to try it. If this is something that you are interested in doing then you should make sure that you do some research first so that you understand what it actually is. Once you feel comfortable using CBD oil, you can always check out a website like

How’s my driving? Am I going to get pulled over? What if a cop just appears out of nowhere and pulls me over?

Do I have enough on that credit card? I swear I just made a payment. Aaand there’s a line behind me, but I need to check right away.

I am home alone right now and if the purge was a real thing my house would be the most unprepared house in the ENTIRE world and I would die first.

I think that it is safe to say that many of us deal with anxiety on the daily. Just one person struggling with anxiety on the daily is one too many; this type of almost constant anxiety takes a severe toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. Finding a way of coping or reducing the intensity of your anxiety is vital for your health. Most doctors will prescribe pills, but if this is a route you don’t want to go down, why not reap the benefits that the best CBD Oil UK offers. This has been proven to be effective; personally, anxiety comes and goes in waves for me, but I have really learned to fine tune my reaction to it. I am a “coping anxious person” if you will, and believe me it isn’t as hard as you may think it is.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, it’s your anxiety talking.

I have decided to compile a list of the three things that I swear by when facing the ever present emotion of anxiety. As a woman in the business of banking, I have to make it a point to put my best foot forward as well as my best face. (Can’t be squinting trying to feel my pulse as I am in the middle of a business conference, now can I?)

Deep breaths.

I know it sounds absolutely cliche and for all I know it may be, but I have noticed that the more I focus on ensuring that I am inhaling and exhaling, the more relaxed I become. I pair it with a casual rolling of the shoulders, almost to reset my body from the spasm that is an anxiety attack. My friends have suggested that I should try some cannabis edibles canada to try and relax but I am not sure that is for me.

Admitting exactly what you’re afraid of…aloud.

Dun dun DUNNNN. Now, hear me out. You have to complete this step. I promise you, nine times out of ten, you will crack yourself up hearing yourself admit what you are afraid of. Here’s an example: I hate descending stairs. I think I somersaulted down my grandparent’s stairs when I was younger and for the life of me, I sometimes get crippling anxiety making my way down a flight of stairs. I said to myself “I am scared to walk down stairs. This terrifies me for whatever reason.” (and while I’m on an admissions streak – I really don’t care for escalators.) and for me personally, I realized that I sounded kind of like an idiot. I mean who actually is afraid of climbing down stairs as a young, abled adult? This girl, that’s who. BUT I realized upons saying those words out loud that I had no actual reason to be afraid. They are good stairs. They’ve been getting people up and down from one floor to the next for a very long time. It would be okay.

Speaking slowly and making eye contact.

Okay, so this is more like two things, but they really roll together as one giant thing, so I decided to keep it as the third. This is such an important thing ladies, especially if you are planning to make any impact on your peers, business partners, friends, and even parents. Forcing yourself to slow down allows your body to realign it’s breathing pattern (i.e. step one! see what I did there?) You are too busy focusing on what is coming out of your mouth to realize that you are having a moment of anxiety over the bill you maybe missed paying earlier this morning because you were running late (but in reality you already paid it in advance because you can’t let things get past the actual due date.) Eye contact is HUGE. When you make eye contact with someone, it helps you stay focused. It honestly helps me relax when I have to present something to my business partners. Making eye contact allows you to feel like someone is really hearing what you have to say and that is such a great feeling.

My best piece of advice, even after you’ve followed the three steps is this: Do it anyways.

Scared of dogs? Go with a friend to a shelter and pet a puppy anyways. Start slow.
Terrified of pumping gas? Have someone with you to help you walk through the process.
Scared of the dark? Two things here: Stop watching scary movies so close to your bedtime and you’re never too old for a hallway light.

I love going out and trying new things, but I’m usually with my best friend Matt when I do it. He understands my weird anxieties (especially the stairs. We went to this abandoned building once and the stairs were SO old, I was practically in tears, shaking so bad as I walked down them. He offered his hand and I refused, citing that if I didn’t do this for myself, then I shouldn’t have come at all. I mean, who else is going to just walk down stairs for me?)

So find a friend that knows you the best, look them in the eye, and tell them what you are most afraid of. Trust me, it will give you the power back. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you, no matter how real your fear seems. Acknowledge that it is giving you anxiety, then slowly and surly give yourself that time to overcome it. Take a deep breath and roll your shoulders back.
You are a fresh to death, queen of the scene, who can and will get herself down this flight of stairs.