Snowflake self love beauty

When I was a little girl, my mom used to read me a story called “No Two Alike.” It told a story about how no two things are exactly alike in nature, even snowflakes. Living in Chicago and having witnessed many snowfalls, my 5-year-old self was skeptical that all snowflakes really were different. After asking my mom and my dad, I came to believe that the cold white blobs falling from the sky actually were all different from one another.

From that moment on, I remembered the uniqueness of snowflakes.

However, as I grew up and endured the typical struggles of middle school and high school, I realized I had forgotten about that story and the uniqueness my mother taught me about. As a teenager, it is typical to try to fit in. You wanted to dress the same way as everyone else, you wanted to eat the same foods at lunchtime as everyone else and you even pretend to like the same music. But why?

Think about how monotonous the world would be if there was only one type of person. Each individual has a unique set of talents, aspirations, fears, beliefs and preferences. There will always be pressure from the media, your friends, your family, and even strangers to fit a certain mold of how you should be. Despite what they say, you should never hide who you are to please others. Each aspect of you is what makes you beautifully unique, embrace that and share it with the world.

By seeing the world as a blizzard of individuals, you are free to embrace your aspirations without worrying about what others may think. Your abilities are limitless as long as you stand proud and embrace your unique talents.

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