Sunday night is my night to plan for the week. This night is sacred to me. I check to be sure calendars are updated, laundry is done for the week, lunches for Monday are packed, and everyone in my house is on the same page. I am a Type A person and this Sunday ritual has helped to keep the peace and connection with my husband and kids. Sunday nights are also the time I used social media to engage my clients to remind them to set their workout intentions for the week. I also spare some time to play my favorite online casino games like those on to have my well-earned alone time doing something I enjoy.

I recently posted a quote

“make yourself a priority and the rest will fall into place.”

That quote got me thinking about how and why it’s difficult for others to “gift” them self “me” time into each day. “Me time” is different for each of us.

Other than that, for me, my workouts are my “me time.” I own a fitness studio so my job is to encourage physical fitness in the form of “me time” to my clients. I look forward to my workouts!! Whether I’m alone pounding the pavement or surrounded by others in a group class, that time is ALL mine. I don’t think about my “to-do” list, errands to run, laundry to do, payroll to run, staff evaluations, etc. While I’m occasionally guilty of letting my mind wander even looking at my phone, I do my best to model the importance of this “me time” to my clients or those around me. This time is important to me and I rarely miss it. I’m sure that at times people (even my family) think it’s selfish of me to put myself first. I wear my twin sets and get my workout in before other things get done, but I don’t care. I am a better wife, mother, business owner, friend, boss, etc if I’ve had that time just for ME.

I remember when my girls were born people said, remember to sleep when the baby sleeps, get help around the house, and make time for your marriage. I don’t remember anyone reminding me to take time for myself. Those first months even years I remember never wanting to miss 1 second of my girls’ lives. I was sure that they were going to miss me or I was going to miss something. I felt guilty leaving them so I didn’t. That changed when my second daughter was 2 or 3. I had assigned a fitness project to my students and realized that I didn’t practice what I was asking of them. Fitting in 20-30 minutes of exercise a minimum of 3 days/week. I made all the excuses but realized that I too could fit it in just as I told them they could. My husband and I met at a gym, we always made time to workout, but once the girls came we lost that part of our life/relationship. So I made a commitment to my health. It started with walks on a treadmill after the girls were asleep. I kept myself accountable through my students and the rest is history. It was then I began to truly make myself and my fitness a priority. I got up and worked out a 5:30 am (before anyone was awake), took the girls on bike rides, let them watch their favorite TV shows while eating breakfast while I ran on the treadmill near them. I explained the importance of exercising and modeled it to them. When I ran races I included my girls by putting them in the fun runs, obstacle courses, etc. It was a family affair.

As a fitness studio owner, my job is to encourage others to make their fitness a priority. Weekly I see changes in our class enrollments as clients try to figure out ways to fit that hour in around “to do” lists, volunteering, full/part-time jobs, and the sheer desire/will to workout. I remind them they will feel better after. It’s a proven fact that workouts clear the mind, release endorphin and make us stronger at the end (both physically and mentally). How do I do it? Each week I schedule my workouts into my calendar just as if they were meetings. I look ahead to see where and when I can get my “me time” in. I make it a priority each and every day. I schedule it around volunteering in classes, driving on field trips, running errands, getting groceries, making dinner, running my business and being a good wife and mother. Some might say (actually they do say) I’m workout obsessed and frankly I don’t care!! At times I have frustrated my husband, gone sweaty to a parent meeting at school, sent my kids with friends to an event (where I met them there) even been late to pick up my kids at school due to a workout.

Selfish? Maybe, but I’m okay with that. I taught my girls at a young age that this was important to me. I have given myself the permission to “make myself a priority and in turn the rest tends to fall into place.”

One doesn’t have to be as workout crazed as I do but making yourself a priority is important!! I look at it as a way to live long enough to see my girls get older, go to college, get married, have kids, etc. Set workout dates in your calendar, grab a friend, explain your intentions to your family and watch it become easier and easier. It will be a date you won’t want to miss.