As blogger, I spend a lot of time writing about the things that are in my life, what I have learned and how it affected my life. This is one scenario that I never thought I would ever write about.

It was the simplest gesture but it taught me about my journey. I went on a date last week and I had a guy open the car door for me to get in as we traveled to dinner. This was mind blowing to me and there are many reasons why.

First, two years ago I was dating, trying to find myself and still not understanding what I deserved. I was trying to be extremely independent. I didn’t want help, I didn’t want someone to take care of me and I didn’t want to seem like I needed anyone. Two years ago, if a guy would have tried to open the car door for me, I would of screamed “I got it” or would have never went on another date with them.

Secondly, dating is tough. Tough in the sense of putting yourself out there, getting hurt and trying to figure it out. I never dated someone that wanted to open my door. I never had someone who genuinely did it out of respect.

Third, it taught me I finally okay with help, I finally understand what self-respect it and I also am okay with having someone care. I was jaded for so long because of bad dates or bad boys who did me wrong. If a guy two years ago walked into my life and wanted to show me the world, I would have ran.

The journey is your own. Each person has their own way of dealing with issues in their lives, I for so long wanted mine to be faster however I am thankful that the timing was what God needed.

A simple gesture of the door being opened for me, showed me that I am not the same jaded, confused girl I was years ago, I am girl who is finally loving herself through the good and bad.