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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and as I have gotten older I have come to wonder why there isn’t a full week dedicated to Mothers everywhere. 

I recently had the opportunity to meet many extraordinary women from the Great Lakes Bay Region in Michigan during a recently Beautiful Me campaign Photo Shoot for the Self Love Beauty blog.

Learn how each of them define self-love:  

“Truly accepting and loving who you are. Not longing to be something your not, but perfecting who you are. We all have things we can work on, be better at or even “fix” but not in a seat to make us someone different just in a way to bring our best self to society. There’s only one you for a reason.” – Alicia Harpham, 28

“Unconditional acceptance of your inner and outer being” – Jen Plarske, 34

“Accepting your flaws and realizing that’s what makes you unique and you! Focusing on the positives and being thankful for the life you have.” – Michelle Rogers, 38

“Self-Love is not something that can be taught. It’s not something someone can give you. You’re not born with it. You don’t inherit it. To me, Self-Love is discovering the freedom of being who you are no matter what others may think. It’s loving yourself right where you are, regardless of your skin tone, your jean size, your hair color, your age, or your weight. It’s about embarrassing the fact that God made you and He loves you…ALL OF YOU!” – Jodi Hayes, 46

“Take responsibility for your personal care, eating and exercising for yourself.” – Mary Ellen Sieggreen, 86

“Self-love means loving yourself so you can love others.” – Debra Thompson, 55 

“Self-Love is doing whatever makes your heart happy!” – Jessica Gould, 26

“Making my needs important. Believing in myself and my abilities and gifts. Appreciating who and what I am and the uniqueness I bring to the world. Walking in my confidence, expecting people to love and celebrate me as I do now.” – Mimi Matthew, 64

“Excepting all of you. Your goods, bad and in-betweens. Loving yourself through all the highs and lows.” – Shanon Schaudt, 28

“Acceptance.” – Joan Halsted, 59

“Taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual self.”  – Ann Hoffman, 53

“Something I learned from John Maxwell is that “you can’t give what you don’t have.” If I have a goal to add value to others, then I must first see value in myself and who God created me to be. I’ve learned in life that there is a difference between Self-Love and self-focus. I try to instill in my children that if we take the focus off of ourselves and shift it to others, it becomes a win-win situation. When we add value to others, we are filled with joy, confidence and a sense of purpose!” – Heather Spencer, 37

“When you can love yourself you can love others that much more.” – Gretchen Kendziorski, 43

“Being proud of who I am as well as knowing that I have helped nurture and show love to my spouse and children.” – Kim Hubert, 47

“Putting yourself first to be the best you can. This self love will be the power you need to accomplish all life throws at you.”  – Sarah Pope, 36

“To value yourself and appreciate what you’re capable of, even when you may not feel like you’re succeeding in every aspect of life.” – Jessica Bouvy, 33

Thank you to the women that shared their stories with with us. You can find their stories at the Beautiful Me Stories section on our site. Click on each person’s individual photo to learn more about their story!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Photo Credit:   Tosha Cole Photography 

Video Credit: First Matter Media