Not everyone who struggles with anxiety does it in the same way.

Everyone experiences anxiety in different situations and feels it in different ways. Sometimes anxiety makes you want to hide, and or run. Its not for attention. Some people who have it and you would never realize they are struggling. We usually feel weak, even tho we are actually really strong. And just like everyone experiences it differently they combat it differently too. I hear that some people decide to use CBD oil to help them manage anxiety-related situations. People are buying it more and more to soothe their anxiety and reduce panic attacks, but it’s not exactly legal everywhere. If you’re interested in learning more, this article called “is cbd oil legal in florida” has more info, but I digress.

It’s hard to fight a battle in your own mind. It feels as tho we are alone, but these quotes are from different people, of different ages and races. We aren’t alone. We are strong. We can live normal lives. We have made it through every one of these experiences and feelings. We will continue to fight. Never give up your fight, and if you’re looking for different ways to try and combat your anxiety, have a look at different cbd samples and see how they could benefit your mental state.

“Honestly can’t recall the thoughts they rush through my head so fast. Sometimes I’m not quite sure what causes them.”

“One obvious thing is being overwhelmed.”

“My body starts to tingle; my mouth goes completely dry and I’m in full panic mode.”

“It’s like I’m out of my body, and someone else is in my mind.”

“My panic starts off as me feeling sick to my stomach. As it progresses my palms get sweaty, I start shaking, breathing seems harder to do, and my heart runs like I ran a marathon.”

“Why can’t I be normal?”

“Wishing I was able to walk through a group of people and not feel like their all judging me.”

“The more I think about my problems and what people might see the more intense my attack gets.”

“People are staring.”

“They think I’m weird.”

“No one understands.”

“My hands shake and my body goes numb.”

“I feel like I’m going to be sick.”

“I get nervous about the day, and feel like I can’t get through it.”

“When I become anxious I have to breathe deep and drink water.”

“I think the worst part about anxiety is when you slow down or lay down or you are sick and the anxiety gets worse.”

“All I want is my mind to slow down so I can rest.”

“It feels like people get tired of me. “

“I fake smiles, and people don’t realize my voice shaking.”

“The room feels like it’s spinning and that I’m going to pass out.”

“I hate being alone.”

“I feel like I’m losing control of my body.”

The worst part is some people think we are just acting this way for attention, when we do everything in our power to act normal.”

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