What is captivating to you?  The new purse you saw in the window?  The new makeup product that just came out?  The celebrity walking the red carpet?  Or maybe the new I Phone that was just put on the market?

This is a word that I think many people think of as either material, beauty or a social status.  However, have you thought about yourself?  Do you realize that you are the captivating one?

Looking into ones self

I have at one point been focused on material items, not happy with myself, I needed to lose weight or can’t go out of the house with makeup on.  From this, I was in relationships that I was constantly looking for acceptance as well as acceptance from others around me.  Do I need these things in order to be happy?  Are these labels and items, what makes me captivating?  If anything I think they are basically putting a bandage over zero self-confidence and being unhappy.

Now I am not saying that having a new purse isn’t awesome or that wearing makeup in the worst.  I still love both, I just know that sometimes we can use this to hide out we are really feeling inside.  While all those things can be fun, in life all you need is you.  You are beautiful, strong, smart and can do anything you want to do.  You are enough, you just have to believe.

While on this journey of self-love I have found that I don’t need anything but myself.  Look at this picture, what do you see?

I believe that you can say, “well it just looks like a chick sitting on a mountain.”  However, if we change the way we look at things, you can see much more.

I see the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis.  Nature is simply breath-taking.

I see a strong woman who has been through some tough events in her life and has become wise from them.  A woman who has birthed 3 children and is raising them to become good people.  I see a woman who is confident and doesn’t care about what others opinions are of her.  I see a woman who is determined to continue on the path of positive, self-love and pure happiness in life, as well as sharing it with others.

It’s Your Turn

Now I ask this, when is the last time you looked at yourself in awe?  Do you realize how truly amazing you are?  You are captivating without having all the bells and whistles, do you realize that?

I challenge you to  look at yourself in the mirror, or even put a picture of yourself next to your bed.  Look at this everyday and tell yourself how awesome you are.  Give yourself a break and embrace you.  The more you do this, the more you will truly realize what you are and that is nothing short of captivating!  Sometimes we forget about ourselves, but we are the most important.  Without yourself, the rest of life around you wouldn’t be able to happen.  You must take care of you first inside and out, sprinkle yourself with compliments and smile.

About our contributor writer 

My name is Heather Ramirez, I live in Southern Arizona and I am a mother of 3 awesome children.   I work full time at a job that I am happy with, as it gives me the flexibility to spend most of my time with my family.  I have been through life with its ups and downs, and at times never thought I would make it out.  However over the years I have found that I am just now living.  I have a purpose here and that is to help others, to show them that there is more to life that what they may be living.  To help them find their self love, trust and inner peace and truly be awake!