I didn’t want to get out of bed. Actually I set the snooze button a couple times before crawling out of bed. I looked outside my window and the snow was just coming down, I put the covers over my head trying to think of every excuse not to go to class.

Then I remembered my first class, I walked away drenched in sweat, feeling overwhelmed and completely energized at the same time. I woke up with a sore booty and thighs that burned but I was ready to go again. I found something that challenged me but I also found an instructor that didn’t let me stop. 

Six Years Ago…

Six years ago, I was scared of trying a new fitness classes not because I didn’t want to but I had no idea where to start. My friend in Texas invited me to a class, I went to a few spin classes but didn’t fall in love with them. A year later I moved back Texas to Michigan and I started running their track and lifting weights, etc but still no classes. After a while a girl I knew started talking about an instructor that she knew I would love her class so I said ‘okay’ to going to a class with the intention of trying it every now and then.

I walked into the spin room, music pumping us up and a young woman greeting me. She was very intimating to say the least because I could tell she was going to be a great instructor just by the way to carried herself. She helped me get set up and we started the ride. I was drenched, I was energized and I was so ready to take another class. She not only pushed me through the whole class but in a way she made a positive impact on my whole outlook for health without even knowing it. Every week I started going to her class, then it turned into two times a week and then eventually even more than that. I started to even open my wings to try other classes that she taught to sculpt my body. She pushed me to my limits even when I was exhausted she never gave up on me or anyone in the class. 

That year, I become the most physically and mentally fit I ever was in my life. I began another journey to self-love. 


Today I continue my fitness and health journey. I still have my struggles like everyone else, but I realized something…IF I never would have taken that class, I never would have become closer to loving myself more or made the friend I did. 

You see, being scared has an affect on us. We tend to stay away from those moments and stay in fear. The minute you break away however is when something inside of you grows. For me…the ride of spin did that. 

Today, I am a fitness instructor myself. I teach spin every week and have the opportunity to grow in my own ride but to also see those around me grow.

To the Role Model

The ride taught me a lot of things but so did the instructor teaching the class. She has become not only a role model to me but also a friend. She pushes me still six years later in her classes but more importantly in all aspects of life. Whenever someone asks me why I became an instructor myself I tell them about how I had instructor that pushed me, believed in me and changed my life and that I wanted to do the same for others.

I truly have found an inspiring friend who continues to help change lives, chase her dreams and be an amazing mother to her daughter. So thank you to the woman behind the class who is now my friend, you impacted my journey to self-love in more ways than you know!