“Look at how my belly droops”
“Man, that is a lot of booty”
“Talk about ‘thunder thighs!’ “
“Ugh, my hips need a wide load sign” 
These are all the thoughts that went through my head while getting dressed this morning. And why? Why do I always put myself through this torture system.
My belly droop? It droops because it provided a growing spot for two babies.
That booty? It helps my pants stay up.
Those thunder thighs? They keep my phone from falling in the toilet.
These hips? It gives me an amazing figure and helps distinguish my waist.
You would think that the prior positive thoughts would easily outweigh the negative ones, but yet every- single- morning those negative thoughts come creeping in.
They aren’t wanted, I know they aren’t true, and that those ‘flaws’ don’t define who I am.


Maybe those ‘flaws’ do define me. They make me, ME. They help make up the definition of Amy. This crazy beautiful mess, made up of weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, mop of red hair, and a laugh that lasts too long.
A laugh that is brought on by inner confidence. You see, when those negative thoughts come crawling through my head, I battle them with a positive thought. When a positive thought follows a negative thought, what are you left with? You end the process on a positive thought. And you carry that bad boy with you until the next negative thoughts comes marching in.
As you carry that last positive thought with you, it somehow grows within. You find yourself bringing those positive thoughts up front more and more, which some how carries through in that crazy laugh that lasts way too long.
Take that crazy laugh and laugh in the face of the negativity.