If I didn’t look “weak”, would I start to care?

So often our society classifies “self-love” for men as a sign of weakness, defeat or being gay. The saying, “real men don’t cry” or “men should never share their feelings” and yet, we have to put on a face of strength even in our darkest days. To me, that isn’t helping anything. Men should feel comfortable with sharing how they feel or comfortable walking into a nail salon to get a pedicure for their “thirty” minutes of time away from the world.

So,  you may be asking yourself, how can you or I help?

It’s simple, it starts with us.

We need to encourage not only men but women to share their feelings even if it’s in front of a mirror alone, it’s important to release those barriers that sit upon our chest.

We need to help others remember to take each day as it comes.

It’s easier said than done to not think about the days ahead but if we continue to do that, we aren’t living each day with our fullest potential. It’s important to find those people within your personal “village” who act not only has friends but as sound boards without judgement on those days that we just need to escape.

Self-Love Starts with YOU

Self-love doesn’t mean run to the gym and start working out every day for the next six months.

Self-love doesn’t mean drop a thousand dollars shopping the latest trends to “fit in” with society.

Self-love starts within each of us.

Self-love starts by accepting who we are.

Self-love starts by appreciating what we bring to society.

Self-love starts by loving our strengths and working on our weakness.

Self-love starts with you.

If while you are reading this…

A friend, family member or acquaintance, pops into your head, do them a favor and reach out. Can you imagine what our world would be like if one person helped another realize their fullest potential and self-love? Remember, even on our weakest days, she believed she could and he believed he could, so they did.

I am Nolan Rogers from Bay City, Michigan, where I grew up along side my two siblings, and our supportive and caring parents. I received my bachelors degree from Western Michigan University with a focus in Family Studies and Event Management. I am entering my last year of graduate school at Central Michigan University with a focus in Sport Administration. My fiance, Ryan, and I along with our four-legged child, Luna, reside in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.