For many people, Christmas is a time of rushing around shops and department stores trying to find the perfect gifts. Obviously, it’s not all about the gifts, but it is a time for giving. Whilst it can get expensive, there are ways to get gifts for less. Using a macys coupon, for example, is a great way to get beautiful presents from macys without breaking the bank. There’s nothing wrong with saving a bit of money around the festive season – after all, you can always use it elsewhere on ensuring your loved ones have the best possible time.

Christmas has always been a special time for me. Since I was little my parents always made sure I received the presents I was hoping for (more so needed sometimes) and we also would give back by packaging up fruit baskets and delivering for those in the community. One year, I received the best gift of a puppy named Webster and that made my year (he has since passed and now I have Denver).

As I get older, I realize I love giving gifts but sometimes it isn’t in the form of a mug, gift card, etc but in giving in someone’s name, providing them with tickets to a new opportunity or more. I realized those things became more meaningful because they lasted more than just one time and it wasn’t something they received from a lot of me.

Through Self Love Beauty, I am excited to share some ways you can give this holiday in multiple forms. Think about the people in your life and how they could benefit from these opportunities, how it would make them feel and more:

  1. Join our Giving Club or sign up someone for it: For $25 a month, The Giving Club allows you the opportunity to voice which programs your investment supports. By making a donation, you are investing in those around you and are part of creating a big impact! It is as simple as giving $25 a month! Once you are signed up for the club, each month you will receive updates on how you are creating an impact!
  2. Purchase from our Beautiful Me clothing line: When looking for something special for someone in my life, it is easy to overlook something as simple as a t-shirt with a saying around self-love and confidence. Our clothing line has an array of beautiful products for all ages and a special gift to open and be able to use more than once!
  3. Give back by taking a tag off our SLB tree and donate to a individual to attend a program or event: During the holidays giving back is the best feeling. I know from my own experience to this day. By taking a tag off our virtual tree, you have the ability to impact the life of an individual or family to experience a program.
  4. Sign up for one of our programs: Our programs for the whole year are extremely amazing. We focus on health and wellness, confidence and self-love and finding passion & purpose. Our programming is for ages 6 and above. We currently have some great programs coming in first quarter of 2020 that make for a great gift to help someone in your life find growth, community, support and more. You can also gift them with the opportunity to attend with you!
  5. 1:1 Coaching: Are you ready to take that next step? Our coaches will take you through 1:1 session, self-love courses and more to help guide you through a powerful journey of rediscovery life and self-love. Our experts will teach you the steps, techniques and tools to empower you to transform you life. Start your journey today!
  6. Nominate someone for our 2020 Your Story Matters campaign: This is a brand new campaign coming to SLB in 2020 and it is not too early to nominate someone in your life. Stories are important and impact so many people. Nominate someone today and then send them a card/email/text/phone call sharing with them that you nominated them and why. This may sound too simple but I promise it will be an honor to them.
  7. Volunteer your time: Do you have a skill set you are looking to share with others? Whether it is organizing, marketing, finance, fundraising or another skill – we would love to have you share with your company. Email us to give back this holiday season!
  8. Spread love and kindness by sending a card: This is a simple way to say you care. Right now many people could use the outreach and a simple card with kind words and love can go along way especially through snail mail. Don’t forget that!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

We all know it makes us feel awesome when someone does something for us simplify from the heart. Imagine the smile you could put on someone’s face by utilizing one of our eight ways of giving this holiday season.

Merry Christmas everyone and we appreciate all the support we have received over the years from our donors, volunteers, ambassadors, readers, listeners, attendees and supporters!