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Marry Your Best Friend. Period.

It is simple as that.

Last night I got to spend my evening at my friend Katie’s wedding. I went to college with her and got to always hear about her and her boyfriends’ relationship. To sum it up, they are best friends. But more than that, they are twin flames. According to Katie, you know when your twin flame thinking of you as you have a spiritual connection where your energies merge. I adore their relationship and last night I got to watch for my own eyes how they act together and how they fit perfectly together.

As I walked through the doors, I was running late and made it in time to see their wedding dance. The way they held each other, talked to each other, looked into each other and danced showed me exactly how much they loved each other.

Following the dance the maid of honor and best man gave their speeches. I don’t think there was a dry eye at my table. The whole scene was just wonderful, even the venue looked like something from a fairy tale; with the most beautiful decorations from the flowers to the table linen cloth. Plus, it was beautiful what they had to say about each Katie and Skyler. Sometimes you hear speeches and you think how nice they are or how that was a great story, however this time each speech made me think about how Katie and Skyler have touched others lives. How they can be themselves around each other goofy, serious and in love. The best man made a comment about Skyler that I don’t hear often. He explained how Skyler is the type of person that it doesn’t matter what he has, but who he has and everyone in his life is lucky to have him and his family is happy he picked Katie. As the night went on I saw their goofiness, kindness and caring for each other was brought out by the other one.

Their love reminds me how important it is to marry your best friend. Some people marry someone that makes them happy but maybe happy for a little bit. You can tell what true love is by the way two people interact and how they care about each other. These two have it. I got to meet Skyler that night and I could watch how much he loved my friend Katie. I am so lucky to have celebrated their day with them. They truly are an amazing couple to be a model for what I want and what others should want for themselves. Cheers to happiness for them forever.

Why you should marry your best friend:

  1. They already know everything about you

  2. They speak highly of you

  3. Can make you laugh, the kind that makes your belly ache and your nose snort the embarrassing, earnest, healing kind of laughs

  4. You can be yourself around them and they let you be a fool

  5. You can cry to them

  6. They will be there through all the good but especially all the bad

  7. Marrying them includes having love that has passion, love and madness combine and with you

  8. They don’t mind spending every minute with you

  9. A love that will never dilute even when the waters get deep and dark

  10. They just get you, your stubbornness, craziness, kindness, dumbness, everything. Sometimes you don’t have to explain something to them, they just know.

Katie and Skyler are a great example of this and many others are too. Love is a beautiful thing, enjoy being with someone that see you as their best friend too.