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When does a guy know a woman’s worth fighting for? It’s the centuries-old question. Songs have been written about this type of girl; Hollywood actresses seek to mimic her glow on the big screen; her characteristics are ambiguously articulated in every quote shared across the cyber universe. When does a man know that he’s found the girl that’s worth dancing across the fiery flames of insanity?

He knows when he’s met his match. Let’s be honest: men have to want more than what meets the eye—it’s as simple as that. Physical characteristics may label a woman as “pretty,” but it’s what’s inside her soul that makes her beautiful.

Even Disney lashed out of character and began moving in the right direction. As Mulan mellifluously croons in the classic “A Girl Worth Fighting For,” how about a girl whose got a brain…who always speaks her mind?

Mulan, you just might be on to something. It’s just these types of women that bring lovers to the front line, battling rage, lust and wonder at the same time.

Sure, a woman that society deems “a piece of work” isn’t for everyone. Some men would rather take down a suave glass of Bud Light and call it a night rather than a hard shot of tequila married with the never-ending question, “What did I get myself into?” But anything worth having isn’t going to be easy.

Life’s all about taking a risk—especially with it comes to dating. All is far in love and war, which means there’s no sitting idly on the sidelines. It’s about seizing the bull by the horns, because—hey—a greater risk leads to a greater reward, right?

Why It’s Worth Dating a Woman Who is Hard Work

You break the mold.

A woman who doesn’t arouse passion and awaken a partner’s slumbering soul isn’t worth the fight. If your face isn’t imprinted behind your lover’s eyelids as he drifts off to sleep every night, you may not be the one. Still, a woman who overturns his world in a blink of an eye, unfastens his mind to a different way of thinking and gives him reason to question and believe all at the same time deserves to be treasured—no matter how hard or long he tries to fight it.

Your unconventional perspective is captivating.

Like a month hypnotized towards a fiery light, a woman’s independence is both mesmerizing and lethal at the same time. A man who dates an independent woman cannot help but feel a small swipe at his manhood when his chivalry is constantly tested. “Why wont she let me pay for this?” “Why won’t she let me just help her?” While your stubborn independence may be frustrating at times, it’s still an intriguing quality that should be commended: It shows determination. You’re driven to have control over your life, and, girl, that’s something to be applauded.

You gives him a purpose.

If your emotions mimic a rollercoaster, your partner is in for a ride. Through your ups and downs—if you’ve found your match—you’re still going to need him. You may rock the independent persona most days, but you’re mercurial. You are a human being who has feelings. Regardless of your past scars or fortified heart, or ceaseless willfulness, you’ll need someone. This is when you both will know that every laugh, every tear, every meaningless argument was worth the journey because it’s brought you to him—you’ve given him purpose.

You complement him.

When he’s looking at you, he sees himself gazing back at him—only morphed into a more beautiful version. Behind every strong man lies an equally strong woman, and he knows that it’s as much of an honor to be yours as it is to be his. But it’s not all physical. He learns from you each and every day, molding him into a better person. You can’t help but smirk when he calls you his better half.

There’s bravery in your opinionated views.

Your strong-willed, subjective views on the world often generate sweaty palms and a quickened pulse at times, but he knows that a woman who can eloquently speak her mind illuminates a sense of bravery, intelligence and wit—and should be admired. You don’t sit delicately on a shelf like a china doll; you’re meant to command attention each and every day.

You keeps things exciting.

Your harder qualities can test the people around you. They challenge your partner, even exhaust and rattle him. But when the race has been run and the white flag has been raised, he’s welcomed into the arms of beautiful euphoria. There are plenty of times you’ve both thought about walking away. But again, easy isn’t always better. Your love and lust opens his pores, dilates his pupils and causes blood to course through his veins like hot magma. You’re his definition of addition. No day is the same, and while uncertainty is often feared, you make him feel like he’s actually living.

It’s not a fairytale; it’s reality.

While the calls of your impulsive movements are unsettling at times, he understands you’re not perfect—and neither is he. Regardless of how love is portrayed throughout Disney movies or fictional novels, you know that a relationship is truly about two core ingredients: compromise and friendship. It’s about meeting each other in the middle. You have the ability to bend his unwavering stubbornness, as do he, and that’s when you know every up is worth the down.

Article credit: Alyssa Samson