Lisa Thompson Self Love Beauty

Recently God has brought a few new people into my life.  Each have taught me a few things. One is particular is that some women in this world do not see their potential and we settle for less than we deserve. Another thing I learned was there are great guys are out there and that us woman need to leave the bad guys behind to make room for these guys. These two things I think I have always know but I luckily was able to encounter both sides of the spectrum in a week.

“Keep your heels, head and standards high”  

Don’t Settle

To first thing I learned, I always thought I deserved less than I really did. I settled because that is what I thought I deserved and then I watched all my friends have something real and think someday I wanted that. But what was I waiting for? Was I waiting for the dumb guy I was with to change or for someone to come sweep me off my feet? I still don’t know what I was really waiting for, but eventually I realized waiting for it to magically happen was pretty dumb. Instead sometimes to find out what all your friends have and what you really deserve you have to cut ties with every guy that ever gave you an empty promise or only called when it was convenient for them. You have to figure out exactly what you want and set your standards to that level. The right guy will come and be that to you. I truly believe that because I have been able to watch multiple people in my life make the hardest decision to walk away from less and they came out happier than ever.

Realize Your Worth

The second thing I learned was there are amazing guys out there for every girl that realizes her worth. We have all dated that nice guy or that guy that was into us but we had no feelings for. We also encountered those guys who pushed us around and kept us around for when it was only convenient for them. Recently I meant four guys that share characters of a decent guy that aren’t over the top nice. I truly think girls think you either settle for an ass hole or you date the nice guy with no spark. There is a middle ground for the girls that want that middle ground for me that was one of the biggest thing I had to learn. I always dated one or the other but never understood the middle piece because those guys were rare in my life or so I thought. I think I thought that because I didn’t make the people in my life follow the standards I held for myself or for what I deserved. Woman need to understand that these men they want in their lives are out there and worth the wait but you cannot find these guys if you are wasting your minutes on a guy that never has given you what you deserve.

I think we all need to evaluate what we want and stick to the standards we set for ourselves and the people around us, it is worth it.