Dear Carie,

I’m writing to let you know that I love you very much. I may not always tell you and for that I’m sorry, but know that I’m working on that and trying to do better. We have been through a lot over the years and we have fought a good fight. It’s okay to be tired and take a little rest now and then. Growing and changing is hard work and you should always acknowledge how hard you worked to get where you are. You have been working so hard lately and I want you to know that I see it and I appreciate it. You always want to make us better.

What I really want you to understand though, is that you are already good. You are already worthy of all kinds of goodness, happiness, love, friendship, respect and abundance without changing a single thing about you. You were born loved just as you are and that continues now. I know there are things that you think make you less worthy, but it isn’t true, it is just your fears. Think of all the amazing things you have done and how just breathing in and out without thinking is a gift and a miracle. You are a miracle. You are stardust. You are a beautiful human living on a beautiful planet, spinning around in an infinite universe.

You have been provided with everything you have ever needed for every journey you have taken so far in this life. There were times you doubted your strength, your ability, your worth, your body, your mind, your gifts but time and time again they do not fail you. There is always someone who appears to teach you a lesson you need to learn, or to show you how not to be, or to help you grow in some way. Money comes, friends appear, and love guides.

I know that there were times when you felt that you had to make yourself small and unimportant because you thought others were more deserving than you of time, respect, comfort, attention, getting their needs met, money, or opportunity. Those days are over, honey. I’m here to tell you that we are going to stand tall in our beautiful self and claim what is ours to claim. Love, respect, largeness of spirit, wants, needs, opinions, attention, money and opportunity will be yours. You will demand it for yourself because you know that we deserve it, just for being who we are, our beautiful unique self. Your voice has something to say, hard-fought lessons that have become your experience to share with others.

One thing that you are not is perfect. You need to know that you will disappoint and fail. Your peace will come from how compassionate you are to yourself when you do. Embrace your humanness and love that you will continue to grow and learn forever. Change is your friend, it is the only sure thing and it will make your journey on this Earth rich and wonderful. Forgive others when they fail too, we all will.

Last but not least, have some fun. Smile, laugh, do something that makes you feel alive. Life isn’t meant to be all work and no play. It is not trial after trial to be endured, it is an exciting adventure that is just waiting on you to join. Every day cannot be all fun, but neither should all your days be so serious and somber. Trust that the fun will fill you up and give you the energy needed to face trouble when it comes.

You are amazing.