Self Love Beauty selfish in your twenties

You are finally on your own or getting to the point where you don’t need to rely on your parents so much. You’ve ditched the teens and living under your parents thumb, but now what?

Your twenties are your time to explore. It is your time to see the world, meet new people, try weird foods and experience awkward situations. Most importantly, it is the time that you should be exploring yourself. You should be selfish; selfish with your time and all opportunities you want to take.

Here are a few things you should make sure to do in your twenties:

Say yes to the drink.

Is a guy offering to buy you a drink? Definitely say yes. Even if you have no intention of sleeping with this dude or talking to him ever again, say yes. I know it sound selfish and maybe rude but there’s a reason you should take it. The first thing is, you’re in your twenties and money is decently tight. What’s the harm in letting him buy you a $7 drink? Next, even if you never plan on seeing this guy again, have fun for a few minutes. Talk to him. Even if he’s a grease ball you accomplish a few things. First off, you never know who that guy really is. You could have just established a solid business connection. Second, there is no harm in listening to someone and learning about who they are. This world is so disconnected, even if it’s for a few moments, you’ve seen into someone else’s life.

Focus on your schooling.

This one is tough because if you actually go to school on campus, there are going to be all sorts of distractions. There are going to be wild drunken nights and lots of things to keep you distracted. But I urge you to do your best to focus. Yes, balance it with a little fun to break it up. But college is prepping you for your future. Give it your all because you never know if you are going to want to pursue a graduate education or not. If you aren’t selfish with your time in school, you could regret it later.

Do not let a guy come first.

If I could bold and underline that a thousand times I would. I would yell it from this computer. Your 20’s are about you. If you put a guy first, inevitably you will lose out on something. You may have the guy but if that guy is worth your time, he will let you do the things you want to do. I’m not saying he will be a puppy dog but he will understand because he will also be accomplishing his goals at the same time. Do not move for him, change jobs for him, cut your hair for him, lose weight for him. Just don’t do it. If you are going to do something, do it for yourself. Do it because you want to. If you have an amazing relationship, you will have the rest of your life with this guy so give yourself sometime for you before you settle with forever.

Be selfish and travel.

If you need to hitchhike, ride a pedal bike or whatever- find a way to do it. Go on school trips, go on day trips; just go. You’re never going to meet new people are eat weird foods (unless you count Top Ramen) by sitting on your own couch. Once you settle down, it is harder to pack your bags and leave because there will always be a bigger barrier than if you were to do it when you are in your twenties. Traveling to Europe when you have kids? Forget about it! Get out there and see the world. Not only should you travel, you should move. Every 20-something needs to get out of their hometown and possibly their homes state. Nothing will teach you about who you are like being away from your friends and family. They may not be happy about your choice, but it is about you.

Work your butt off.

If you are in your twenties it is the perfect time to work. While you’re going to school, get a part-time gig. Get an internship. Work at Victoria’s Secret or somewhere. Just work your butt off. Your friends may not like not seeing you so much but this selfish act will let you save up some money. Put some cash in your savings or start paying off student loans. It will be so much worth it later. Not only will you bank up some money but you will also establish a sense of accomplishment. You will feel good when you look back and you can say, “Dang, I kicked major butt.” Lastly, all your hard work is going to look awesome on a resume.

Your twenties are a time when you can focus on yourself and you should. Your future will hold a career, a partner and possibly kids. Before all of that complicates or adds more obligations to your life, focus on yourself. You have forever to spend creating your career and your family. Spend now on you. Make sure you use your twenties selfishly because your time to do so is quickly fading. Seize the day!

By Contributor Writer: Layla McKinley