“I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.”— Drew Barrymore

There’s an old phenomenon, like solar eclipses and good sex with someone you hate, that’s making a comeback. Like shooting stars and simultaneous orgasms, it happens when you least expect it and changes the way you look at people forever.

It’s been around for years, yet is only experienced a few times in a lifetime. It’s life-changing and perception-altering, and has the ability to turn ugly faces into beautiful ones and first perceptions into lasting ones.

Have you ever met a beautiful woman with a horrible personality?

Upon meeting her, her beauty is extracted. Her hair is no longer silky, her face no longer perfect. Her lips don’t entice you and her cheekbones don’t excite you.

Her skin doesn’t glow and her eyes don’t draw you in. It’s a phenomenon that most people eventually experience, learning that an ugly soul can make the most beautiful face unattractive. And it holds true for the opposite of cases.

Souls radiate. They glow from the inside-out, making the most attractive people ugly and the prettiest faces unwanted. They turn men away and keep others running in the other direction. They turn first encounters into final meetings and second meetings into regrets.

We’ve all experienced this firsthand, whether it was meeting men or women we once perceived as beautiful, only to find out they are people we don’t care to know, or even look at, anymore.

Of course, beauty is appealing. It attracts people and pulls them in. It’s what gives all those beautiful people all those advantages in life.

It’s what makes them popular and mysterious. It’s what gives some of the worst women, the best chances and the best women, the hardest time. The face may draw you in, but the personality is what keeps you.

We find out too late in life that personality is everything. A great personality is better than pouty lips and silky hair. It trumps a perfect body and pearly white teeth. It’s more than skinny legs and high cheekbones. It’s better than an even tan and a big bust.

Some men might say differently, but they are the men who stay with women because of their looks, usually regretting their decisions once their beauty has eroded, when their skin wrinkles and the tan fades. They are the men who stay with women who they eventually leave or wish they never married.

They are the men who forget that looks fade, but a great personality cannot be wiped away, like makeup or spray tans.

Because happiness comes from within and looks are only mirrors of our souls.

While it may not be scientifically proven, a beautiful personality radiates, sometimes making the most unattractive face beautiful. It has the ability to turn a woman you wouldn’t normally give a second look into one you cannot stop thinking about. It has the ability to stay with a woman long past her perfect body and unmarked skin.

A happy personality, like a disease, spreads quickly. It’s contagious and moves rapidly. It infects all those who come in contact with it and leaves the strongest people affected and weak.

It has healing abilities unbeknownst to science. It’s the phenomenon that turns the plainest women into the most beautiful of creatures and changes everything about how you look at any human being at all. 
It turns first impressions into lasting ones and transcends the aging process.

Because a happy woman will always be beautiful, but a beautiful woman will not always be happy.

The world responds to the energy you put out

You may be tired of hearing it, but you really do “attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.” It’s the common idea that you get back what you put out into the world, and those who exude happiness and warmth are the ones who receive it back.

Women who spend their lives searching for happiness will find it, while women who spend their lives looking for beauty will only find disappointment and men who are as shallow as themselves.

Putting on a pout and a perfect tan will only get you superficial attention; a woman who exudes a cheerful radiance, one that can’t be bought or faked, will always find someone to share it with.

Beauty is a depreciating quality

Beauty is a façade, and a veneer will always wash off. But something that radiates from within will never wash away. Real happiness, happiness that a woman has gained and protected, is not guaranteed to fade away the way beauty does. It will not wrinkle and weather over time, but blossom and grow more beautiful with age.

In the increasing youth-obsessed culture in which we live, a woman who relies on her looks for her happiness can be sure to lose it all when the day comes when she is no longer the youthful version of herself.

Because we all get older, and our looks all fade. We must all have something to hold on to when that day arrives.

Relying on your looks for your happiness is only dooming yourself to an old age full of misery and regret. It’s holding on to something that is fleeting and unstable, something that will not keep you warm at night and nourish you past your crow’s feet and stretch marks.

You look how you are, not the other way around

The most beautiful people don’t always have the most beautiful souls, and the ugliest people aren’t always ogres. We tend to radiate outwards: our soul, personality and passions creating our auras and true beings.

We connect with our souls, not our faces, and those who truly are beautiful will radiate that way. Just because a woman is beautiful doesn’t mean she’s happy… but when she is happy, she is always beautiful.

Happiness is something that comes from within and can be seen from without. It’s something that carries you and introduces you to other souls like your own. It’s a quality that cannot be faked with makeup or hair extensions, and can’t be hidden with concealer or spray tans.

It’s an innate essence that’s as obvious as the hair on your head and the scar on your leg. However, unlike superficial wounds and attributes, it needs no maintenance or grooming, and will never make you feel insecure.

You don’t judge a well by how wide it is, but how deep is goes

Beauty is skin deep, but character seeps into your bones. Those with good character, with an essence of purity and happiness, are the ones whose layers you want to peel away. They are the ones you want to keep getting to know. They are like a never ending sandbox, whose core lays hidden with treasures and shining light.

Those who only have their looks will never show you any more than their surface. They have nothing to offer but the top layer — the layer that can be so easily blown away with the slightest gust of wind.

Happiness is deep; it starts at your core and manifests itself in every crevice of your body.

It pours out like fine wine and intoxicates all those who drink it.