Self Love Beauty happy for others

Friday was Valentine’s Day, a Hallmark holiday as some people call it. A day couples have a romantic date, flowers, cards, candy, and gifts are given. And it is also a day to remind some of us that we are single and do not have a significant other. As Facebook and instagram are filled with pictures of everyone gifts, many of the single population is rolling their eyes at all the girls gushing over their gifts and their boyfriends. But why? Why be mad at these girls for being happy and for having a guy to get them these gifts? Why not instead just do you, be happy with what you have and make the most of your holiday.

“Rooting for other people’s failure does get in the way of your success and you want to try to avoid being a person who is never full you know. Who’s never filled up; who can’t be satisfied. The way to do that, I think is to rejoice in other people’s victories.” – Amy Poehler

I can’t explain how many text messages I got Friday saying ‘I hate seeing these couples’, ‘it isn’t fair’, ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’. I get it, your single and didn’t get to spend Valentines Day with your crush or got any gifts. It sucks doesn’t? But that doesn’t mean you have to bash all the happy couples for getting a day to themselves. I agree we need to have a Single Day dedicated to us, where we get happy hour specials and get to spend time with our friends…ohhhhh wait you can do that any weekend! So enjoy those days and don’t get mad just because your friends get a day out of the year dedicated to them being with someone.

But Valentine’s Day is just an example.

I think in general we bash on people because A. we are either jealous B. We are unhappy with our lives or C. we have no reason. We also think some people are so undeserving or don’t understand how lucky they are. But look at yourself are you realizing how lucky you are? Or are you thinking you have nothing because that guy doesn’t like you or that certain thing didn’t work out? Well have you ever thought maybe that was not part of your plan? Maybe something more fitting for you is going to happen. But you have to stop dwelling in the bad stuff and secondly be happy for others!

You have absolutely no idea what they went through to get where they are now.

If you think about it, we each have our own paths. Think about the girl you were talking about the other day for all the ‘selfies’ she takes of herself, but did you also know she needs someone to remind her that’s she beautiful because she has low self esteem? Or did you know that girl that your jealous she has a boy friend and you don’t, don’t you realize she doesn’t have a dad or a lot of friends like you do? Or that girl that is so strong that you envy and talk bad about because you want that…did you know she cries herself to sleep every night? I am guessing none of the bad came to mind when you were thinking about talking about them and not being happy for them.

So stop. Just stop being upset for what others have and for them being happy. Instead be happy for them. Life is to short to be unhappy or ungrateful for what you have. Remember that. Start being happy for others and you will see how happy people can be for you. Be happy for what you have, because God has chosen this path for you and that path for them.