Self Love Beauty past to voicemail

Let the past go to voicemail it has nothing new to say. This quote is just beyond true. Don’t get me wrong sometimes the past may have something new to say, a new line a new way to make you go back to the past, but it all leads to the same thing.

There are four reasons why you should let the past go to voicemail:

  1. It has nothing new to say: This is true like I said above, it will use different words but ultimately you can think it its okay because for a short while you got to relive the past but in reality remember the same ending will happen to and noone deserves to relive the bad. Remember the past has nothing new to say.
  2. Do you really want to go through all that pain again: Think about everything that piece of your life brought you. I know what comes to mind is all the good, but then remind yourself all the bad, all the pain and all the hard tears you cried. Do you want that again? Because the past is the past and tears will happen again if you feel like reliving it.
  3. God did that so you could move forward: Remember the saying the past is the past. Well it is that way and things happen because God wanted you to move forward. He wanted you to have a stronger and different future and not resort back to your past.
  4. It’s the past and this is the future: What happened was the past and as many times as you want to relive the good, the bad comes with it don’t forget that. The past might be calling and its easier to pick up, but you are in the future now with a new perspective and new things, don’t forget those things were brought in your life for a reason and the other things are in your past for a reason as well.

I can’t tell you how many times I have watched others and myself pick up the phone to the past. Its easy, that boy, that trip, that job, that friend, that memory…but they all ended for a reason. Even if you may not agree with the reasons why, you have to remind yourself every time you pick up that phone you are going back to something you have already been through when there is a lot of things out there you haven’t even explored yet. Why continue to go back to something you already know when there could be a million things worth trying out and becoming even better for you. Remember you hold the key to your happiness. The past is not that key nor will it help you move forward. So just remember next time the past calls, let it go to voicemail and take on your future!

“Never look back you are not going that way.”