Everyday I read articles on Elite Daily. It is one of those web sites that share stuff for many generations including mine. I recently read this post about a model had cancer and now she is modeling again with a bald head and a different type of body and way if life. Click here to read the whole article.

Four words described what I thought when I read it: She is still beautiful. Period. Nothing else. The fact that she is pursing her dreams even after cancer and the fact a company is letting her is just a big accomplishment in itself.

Girl 3

From my understanding, cancer puts your life on hold. You have to face different emotions you never thought you would have to. Your body and life goes through you didn’t expect. I have never been faced with cancer nor has my family. I have been blessed with that but I have watched many people struggle with this.

I think so many of us go through the hard struggles of life and think we can’t make our dreams come true, we think because of something like this we can’t move forward. This is very untrue. Yes it may put dreams on hold for a while, but you can forward.

Girl 2

As I am staring at the pictures of this girl, I realize she is beautiful and what makes her beautiful to me is her passion, her drive and her will to do everything in her power to make her dreams come true even with the set backs given to her.

Please take a moment to read this article, remind yourself that life is ALWAYS going to have set backs, it is always important to move forward. If every set back you had stopped you from chasing your dreams, you would never meet them.

One of the best quotes from this article “And she’s changing the way we view models and cancer patients alike..” I think this is something impacted me, she is changing the way we view people. Instead of criticizing someone because they look different, she is helping the world see a view of cancers patients and people that have overcome this. She is an inspiration to most people, including myself.

What makes someone beautiful to you?