Have you every thought in your mind…I am not pretty enough, good enough, skinny enough? One of my friends recently went through a point in her life where she felt she wasn’t good enough.

A year ago at this time, the guy who she thought was her forever, ended it with her. She felt undeserving and worthless. She had hit that point where she didn’t know where to go from there because she truly believed God wanted her to be with him. But guess what, God had something else in mind. And for the record this girl isn’t me, this girl is one of those fabulous girls, I envied my whole life because of her kindness and how gorgeous she was inside and out. I truly always believe she was one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met.

To start we became close in college after a mass on a weekday at our favorite church at Michigan State. We sat in my car and talked about life, boys and our futures. Since that day became closer and helped each other try to figure out God’s plan. A couple months later, she met her Bob (as we all know I call them). He was everything she wanted and more, and I got to watch one of my best friends fall in love.

“Just because you believed and it didn’t work out your way or on your timetable doesn’t mean that it’s over. God is planning something better.”

Eventually a year later, I moved to Texas but we still stayed very close. We talked everyday on my way to work trying to figure everything out for her as well of course my problems. At this time, she was struggling with her boyfriend and trying to figure out life.  She was beside herself with what to do and with a lot of prayer…..God made it very clear that he wasn’t the one for her. With this change, I watched my friend question a lot of things in her life, hit a level she never saw coming and trying to find herself. We both agreed this was part of Gods plan and from here she could only go up, but how much did she have to go through? How many times was God going to change the track on her before she believed she was in the right spot? I know she isn’t the only one that feels this way, I have multiple times.

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”

Fast forward to a year later (to now), I have watched my gorgeous friend struggle through so much to become an even more amazing person than when I met her. Today, she has finally found herself. She is doing things she loves, kicking ass in her job and still is as gorgeous as ever. She also is finally taking the time to date, which was held off because God wasn’t ready for her to date. Yes, another obstacle God put in her life.

But you know how she got to where she is now? Never giving up. This amazing woman never gave up on herself or most importantly her faith. Instead of going back to what was comfortable to what was easy, she fought through all the pain to make it to where she is. Her story is one of those that I hope touches other peoples lives because honestly we all see our lives going a certain way and sometimes that isn’t God plan for us. I know her and myself have felt the anger and the frustration about it but at the end of the day Gods will will be done. It is completely up to you if you want delay your destiny or not.

“When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes and heart ache. When I look in the mirror, I see strength, learned lessons and pride in myself.”

She made it, she was the girl that made it through all the struggles, all the things that could of made her give up on the life God and herself wanted to have. She made it because instead of surrounding herself with negative people, she found herself being around positive people. I definitely am not saying the road for her is still easy nor will ever be easy for anyone. But she is a woman who shows you that you can make it through the hardest time. I love hearing from her and about all the things she is succeeding in, listening to her amazing advice, kind words and her wonderful laugh. My gorgeous friend is becoming who she wanted to be, and growing into her own skin, just like you can.

You can be sitting there right now, reading this trying to figure out your own struggles, when your ‘light at the end of tunnel’ is going to be there. Well this gorgeous woman is a vision of what that can be like. As the saying goes

“Don’t look back, you are going that way.”

Believe in yourself and believe in God’s plan, I promise through all the hardship his plan is the best one to have.