Riding Bike

Recently lots of change has happened in my life and I have watched many of my friends go through change. One of my dearest friends who is one of my supporters through the hardest times has been going through change as well. He is the type of guy that won’t admit it with words but you can tell he is too. As we sat and talk about the changes we were both dealing with, he was short with words with me and just said “It’s like Riding a Bike”. As I sat there in a blank stare as first off it was a response I was not expecting and the second thought that I hate bikes and would of prefer him using something else like running. Then, I realized what he meant.

Change is like Riding a Bike, it is hard at first but once you keeping going, push through the hard times and over time it gets easier. As I sat there thinking about everything he said I realized he was right. Which honestly I never would admit before that he was right.

The quote that is very true to go with change is: “Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you will understand what little chance you have in changing others.” It is so easy to tell someone to change, to not understand why they are sticking to their ways when there is so much better for them out their because they have amazing potential. I finally realized how hard it is for change because I have been trying to change to. Sometimes the hardest part of change is you know you need it make it but are unsure how to or what to do to get there.

I think the phrase its like riding a bike has really stuck for me. The reason is because I have never liked bikes just as much as I hate making change. Its hard, it hurts, its uncomfortable but after a while of riding the bike it doesn’t hurt as much, it isn’t as hard because you can strength and it isn’t uncomfortable because you adjust to it. This is a great an analogy that fits with change so well.

I can’t speak for everyone but for me to change something for myself is really hard. Life throw you curve balls and sometimes they are very unexpected. Nothing in life goes as planned.

My advice to anyone that wants to make a change or needs to make change, just remember the start is always the hardest if you stick with it and make the change eventually it will hurt less than what it does right now. I can also promise you that this is true because I have had to make some of the biggest changes including changing my eat habits due to IBS, leaving the boy because he didn’t treat me well and changing stuff in my career because I was unhappy. It is extremely hard once you are set in your ways but it is worth it. Everyone has things that they are okay with because it is easy but you also have to remember it maybe easy but it wont make you happy forever. Take that leap of faith that change is good.