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Written by Contributor Writer Megan Shankland 

She knows your every move, mood, fear and goal. You share the same favorite food and color. Your boyfriends are best friends and you’ve planned your wedding with her a thousand times; she’s your best friend.

From the Beginning of Time…

Back when boys had cooties, girls confined in one-another for friendship. We shared Polly Pockets, Ferbies and slap-on bracelets. We spent countless nights sleeping over, braiding hair and watching scary movies.

As we grew older, we took the same classes in high school, joined the same sports and attended homecoming together. Your friend was there through it all.

  • You were there for every break up, tear and hard time swearing off boys until the next heartbreak came along.
  • You could sense when she was down and showed up with Ben & Jerry’s to talk it out it out or sit in silence.
  • You call her mom, mom and vica-versa. Once or twice you were confused as her sister—a compliment at its finest.

When it came time to choose a University, it wasn’t goodbye, just another chapter in life. If you were lucky enough she went to the same college as you or you become roommate. Though distance kept you apart for most of us, she was there for every drunken birthday, welcome weekend and football game.You found yourself crashing on her couch as a second bed and you knew her roommates as well as your own.Strange conversations and meaningless Snap Chats are the glue that holds you together.

The truth is, friendship is important. Without it we would miss out on life’s adventures.True friends stick through hard times, distances and life changing moments.

Double Trouble

Buckle up and turn up the tunes.

Jamming out to the latest hits is a must the minute you hit the car. It doesn’t matter if the notes are a little shaky and the moves are a little scary, it’s about being in the moment with your bestie.

After you pass your driver’s test, and your parents hand you the keys to the old family car, you feel like you’ve won the lotto. Driving all over town, here, there, anywhere really is the only thing you want to do. Having that sweet freedom, music as loud as you want, your closest friends and slurpies is the best combination.

And something’s never change. Till this day you’ll be caught at a red light belting out “Blank Space” with whom else but your best friend backing you up in shotgun. Maybe you’re not driving around town for the fun of it, but a road trip to the nearest beach, town or out of state is the best recipe for making memories.

Growing Up

As life goes on, we find that being spontaneous isn’t always an option and there are other people, things and responsibilities to think about.

This of course ponders the question, how do you keep the friendship alive? I’ve been told that your social life dies the minute your college degree hits your hands. I’m currently completing my senior year of college and for the sake of my sanity; I hope that isn’t the truth. However, I have graduated high school and have moved away from friends.

What I’ve found is this:

Those who stick around are friends worth having relationships with: It’s not always easy keeping in contact and at times it seems you’re living in two different worlds. However, if there’s a will, there’s a way. A lot of people change and find themselves during this time in their lives. That’s okay. You will change too and find others that share similar interests, outlooks and beliefs as you.

Friendship shouldn’t be hard work: If you’re always making the calls, asking to hang out and getting blown off, maybe the relationship should be reevaluated. Friendship is a two-way street. Put your time and energy into those who put the same amount into you.

True Friends don’t see distance: During break, most students travel to their hometown. This is a great time to reconnect with old friends. Most of the time it seems like nothing’s changed. It’s not always realistic to visit your high school friend at college. Allow this time to catch up on one-another’s lives and value the friend time you do have.

If you’re Lucky: Friends are the family you choose in life. True friends are hard to come by, but loyal till the end. Best friends are the sisters we can’t imagine living without.