Booty Self Love Beauty Justin Bieber

Written by Contributing Author: Layla McKinley

Booty booty rocking everywhere… But only if you’re a guy.

Flash back to a couple of months ago when Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler and many other celebs were flashing their tots for the #freethenipple revolution. The history of the so-called revolution started with recent bans and removals of photos of women on Instagram, Facebook and other social media when they exposed their breast(s) with the very important inclusion of nipple. If a woman posted a photo of her mastectomy (what a brave woman!) it was removed. A woman who posted a photo or even those just in public, breastfeeding were criticized and the photos were removed by media admin.

In the meantime, men can walk around with shirts off and let their nips enjoy the sunshine and a breeze. Why do they get the freedom when their nipples don’t even actually do anything productive? Why can’t my breasts that may some day produce food for a tiny human being not enjoy the same freedoms of the useless man-nip?  Haven’t they earned some respect?

In response to this injustice to equal nipple freedom, celebs took to social media and began posting their ta-ta’s. After Instagram raced to take the posts down, the celebs fought back  by posting bare-breasted photos and photoshopping and male nipple over their female ones. Those photos have yet to be taken down. These are man nipples but at the same time you totally thought “oh no she didn’t” for a second didn’t you?

Alright so follow up the #freethenip revolution with the most recent booty injustice. Chrissy Taegin just posted a half-assed (literally) pic of her hubby, John Legend. Justin Beiber (The Biebs) posted a full booty from behind shot on Instagram too. Even Elite Daily got into the action by posting this photo as a header to one of their recent articles.

So what’s the problem? I like a good man-booty as much as the next chick but the problem with both media dilemmas is that they’re unfair not only in policy but in societies response to them. Women responded to the naked butt photos by hooting and hollering. They were begging the guys to turn around and for more photos. But what would happen if a woman posted a naked booty picture? I wish I could say but I can’t because they’re almost always taken down. For instance, Chelsea Handler’s picture comparing her butt to Kim Kardashian’s famous cover photo was taken down before she eventually reposted it.

Here is an example of what people say about Demi Lovato, fully clothed, I repeat FULLY CLOTHED:

The lesson here is that society has sexualized women and women’s bodies. That’s why it’s acceptable for men to be shirtless and women can’t, even when we have a reason to; like breastfeeding. Women have been taught and continue to feed into the idea that we should be fully clothed in “tasteful” outfits as society defines. Men have the freedom to be in the buff as nature made them however if women do it, it’s considered offensive, inappropriate and the kicker– illegal. If society didn’t put these conditions on our bodies, they wouldn’t exist.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want my hypothetical children to see anything sexual or inappropriate before they were old enough to understand. However, I argue there is nothing sexual or inappropriate about human anatomy unless partaking in a sexual act. Standing in the buff on the beach, not sexual. Breastfeeding a child, totally not sexual or inappropriate. In fact, you probably couldn’t find something more biologically natural. Walking around the house nakie? Natural and comfortable. People, particularly women, shouldn’t be penalized for being the way God intended just because society said they should look and be a certain way in the public eye.

So I stand with the #freethenipple revolution and support the start of the #myfreebooty revolution. Women have the right to be equally as naked as men. How hard is that?