Lets take a moment and evaluate how you would rate your self trust?

Have you ever thought about it?  I want to look at the relationship with ones self.  I talk about self love and staying positive, while this is something we need to do, it has to begin with trusting yourself.

Trust plays a large role in numerous relationships, however the most important one is you.  How can you love yourself if you don’t trust yourself?  You may not even realize that you don’t trust yourself but subconsciously this is the case.  I know this has been a problem I have struggled with, I have had trust issues, where did it start?

The Beginning

As I think about my past, things that I didn’t even think would have an affect on me really do today.  One that I can remember was when at 18 years old I was supposed to go into the military.  I went through all the physicals, paperwork and even raised my right hand to oath in.  In this process I met a boy, he was my first “real” relationship, because high school boys didn’t mean anything.  Well I got the call to ship out and I didn’t, I thought I was in love.  To this day I think about what if I had went in and why did I screw things up because of a boy.

Why am I still holding onto this event?  Did I lose some trust with myself because I didn’t stick to that career choice?

Obviously young love ends and I meet someone else, I fall in love, get married and make poor life decisions along the way that ends in divorce.  Being young and divorced at the time and still don’t have a career.  How can I trust myself when I keep making bad life decisions?

Accepting The Past and Forgiving Yourself

I will fast forward through life and as I sit here today being now on this journey to self love, acceptance and trust I must forgive myself.  I have to learn to trust myself, as those life events don’t define who I am.

We are not perfect and will make decisions we are not proud of.  Forgive yourself, Trust yourself and move into the next moment.  This life we have is so short and to live mad at ourselves for things in the past, that are obviously unchangeable is a waste.  Breath in the moment and out the moment.

Think for a second, do you enjoy being around people that you do not trust?  Do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you don’t trust?

How can you have self love if you don’t have the trust within yourself first?  Be the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Challenge Yourself

I challenge you, the next time you are thinking or talking about something that you didn’t or should have done in the past stop.  Let the moment flow through your mind and then let it go.  Once you find true trust for yourself, you then will have no problem trusting others and you will be full.

About our contributor writer 

My name is Heather Ramirez, I live in Southern Arizona and I am a mother of 3 awesome children.   I work full time at a job that I am happy with, as it gives me the flexibility to spend most of my time with my family.  I have been through life with its ups and downs, and at times never thought I would make it out.  However over the years I have found that I am just now living.  I have a purpose here and that is to help others, to show them that there is more to life that what they may be living.  To help them find their self love, trust and inner peace and truly be awake!

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