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Imagine if you dated someone just based on looks. You had no chemistry, no passion; he did not share the same interests as you or the same morals. But, he was good looking, in your opinion.

Is that enough to sustain a relationship? Absolutely not.

I have been single for most of my life and every time I encounter a new person, married friend or an older couple, I’m asked the same thing:“Why are you single? You are so beautiful; you should be going on so many dates, or have a boyfriend.”

What they are telling me is that because I am pretty in their eyes, everyone else should be jumping to date me, right? It should just be that easy?

What happened to the whole, “what’s on the inside counts” crap every one of my female friends, relatives, coworkers and brother’s best friends have been telling me since I was a pudgy 1-year-old?

So, when did it change? Or, has it ever? Do we women just make excuses to others to justify why another woman is single?

I am guilty of saying whatever a broken-hearted girlfriend needs to hear to help her out, but I definitely have never verbalized my astonishment when one of the many beautiful women in my life are surprisingly single.

Why do we feel the need to justify the situation of being single, not only for ourselves when we have been single, but for our friends, family and people we just met?

Dating is hard, and it is harsh. We are all looking for different things and looks just are not enough. Our generation has a different way of dating; we each have different things we want. T

hat is fine, but being told you are beautiful so you shouldn’t be single is not okay anymore.

As much as any girl likes the compliment, it still doesn’t change the status of being single. Looks initially start the attraction for two people to go on a date or talk, but chemistry, passion and things you share together are what sustain a relationship.

Men and women are alike in the aspects of looking for particular things in a partner. Most of the time, they are deeper than appearance.

Dating can beat you down; it can be exhausting to go on date after date with new people. Being beautiful doesn’t change that. So, why do we insist that if others are beautiful, they should have all the ease in the world when it comes to finding men to date?

Dating is less like a Disney movie and more like a horror movie in some ways. Like the horror movie, the pretty, intelligent girl is the last to go.

Maybe the girl you complimented is beautiful, maybe the right one hasn’t come along or maybe she has higher standards or just doesn’t want a boyfriend.

I know being beautiful on the outside used to be a huge compliment for a woman, but I don’t feel it is the only way you can compliment someone anymore.

Bottom line: Let’s try to not reason why Sarah, Clare, Liz — whoever the girl is — is single or taken.

Regardless if she had super model looks, comedian-grade humor or the mind of a chemist, there are many reasons why a beautiful girl could and/or should be single.

Maybe you should consider that before questioning her status.

This article is from a recent article I wrote for Elite Daily.