We are all told beauty comes from within. That inner beauty is the most beautiful thing about a person. That is true. However, society tells us that we have to be beautiful on the outside in order to be able to feel confident. Society has been showing us we have to be a certain size and live a certain way to be the definition of beautiful. I disagree.

I am surrounded by women that amaze me every day. They are all beautiful in their own way. Recently, I was talking to another young professional about how amazing some women are in our lives and how we look up to them. Each one has something that makes them beautiful in their own way however each have a few things in common.

They have a career that they love

Each one has found a career they love. Instead of just having a job to have it, they worked to make sure their career was what they wanted and they do what they love every day. I found that so wonderful and it reminds me each day that if I am not loving what I am doing that I need to reevaluate it.

They volunteer in an area they are passionate about

There is something beautiful about a person talking about something they love. We each have our own passions in life, we each try to help in some way. When women speak about something they love, they light up and beauty shines right through their faces.

They are kind to others even when they do not need to be

We all have those people that are just not nice to us. They have not always treated us the best. However being kind to someone even when we don’t need to be or maybe when they just don’t deserve it, is beautiful because you are showing what someone can do for someone else regardless of how they treat you.

They go out of their way for others

We all know people that struggle and we each struggle in our own ways. It is a beautiful thing when you see someone going out of their way to help someone else or help you. We all need help and there are some people that would just do anything for others.

They surround themselves with people that are positive

Surrounding yourself with positive people not only can make you happier but it also can help your inner beauty shine even more.

They are always trying to lift others up

Each of us have rough days, each of us need to be lifted up in some way. It is so beautiful when we watch others lift someone else up through the rough times and help them. We each need to remember beauty comes from how you treat others and that is how you shine.

They make the most out of every situation to have fun and make memories

Sometimes situations do not go as planned but making it fun and making memories out of anything that is beautiful.

They never expect anything to be perfect and are happy with who they are

When you are not expecting everything to be perfect and you are happy with who you are, your beauty shines. You glow in your way and bring amazing vibes to other people. Realizing that perfection will never be there but understanding your own imperfections and living in each moment is beautiful.

They are always open to new opportunities

Life is all about different opportunities. There are so many opportunities you could take but some of us get scared and back away. Beautiful women and people we look up to, take these opportunities. They may be scared at first but they never turn away an opportunity that can only make them more strong and beautiful and try new things

They give will all their heart

Giving to others is so important. It not only helps them but it helps yourself in some way. Women that give with all their heart in love, faith, passions and jobs are so beautiful. They give everything in their lives their all and it passes along beauty to others.