Let’s start by saying everyone has cut themselves down in some way. It is everywhere and social media and society’s definitions of what you should be does not help them either. Women cutting themselves down, thinking they are not good enough. Women trying to be someone they are not or trying to find their own beauty from a man’s compliment.

At some point in our lives, we probably have said some of the these below.

“I have man hands”

“She is prettier than me”

“I never do anything right”

“Everyone hates me”

“I am fat”

“I am not good enough”

“I hate my hair, thighs, smile”

“Why not me?”

“I am stupid” 

“I am never getting a boyfriend”

“Why doesn’t anyone like me”

“I am going to be alone forever”

“I am not smart enough”

I use to be one of those women and some times I still am. We each have certain things about ourselves we want to change or about things that others have that we get jealous of. As I grow up, I realize that when I start to get negative about myself or jealous of someone else, I have to remind myself… okay if I really think I am not smart enough, how am I going to change it? If I think I am fat what am I willing to do to change that?

I think many of us spend so much time cutting ourselves down instead of realizing that if you are not willing to change certain things about yourself, you won’t have those things. If I want to be a certain size or become an engineer, I have to put down the cheeseburger and pick up dumbbells or I need to hit the library to study instead of going out. If you find yourself cutting yourself down, use the negative to make a positive, a better your life.

Another thing I realized is we are all so quick to cut ourselves down but we are not so quick to pick ourselves up? Yes, you might not be model skinny but guess what you are living and you are healthy. You may not be as smart as that engineer but guess what you are probably smarter in a different field. We each have to remember what skills God gave us. Each person is different and each of us are trying to find ourselves along the way.

As I was writing this post I asked a few girls to give me a few ideas of the ways they cut down themselves and all of what they sent me from what they have said about themselves or heard other girls say is stated above. We each are guilty of it and as much as this probably will never stop, we need to use these decisions to make a positive out of it.

If you truly feel that about yourself then make the change. If you are just looking for an affirmation from someone to remind you that you are smart or you are pretty, take the time to understand and appreciate your own beauty because you might be lacking in self confidence. The more you bring yourself up, the more positive your life will become.