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Today I went running with my running partner. Just like every run, we chat, we catch up and let’s face it we try to solve world problems.

We were 3 miles away from our ending point and we started about tearing up, the ugly cries and how we try to hide it!

I started explaining how I have been stressed and how everything has been getting to me lately. She nodded and agreed she was going through the same thing. As we continued to talk we both shared the details of the moments we cried this past week.

I in particular cried a few days before our run because of trying to figure out life, love and happiness. It was also that time of month for me, we all know how emotions are hard to handle then.

There are days that are just hard and things don’t go your way. There are days where the guy I wanted didn’t want me back. And there are days where I just have been so stressed I didn’t know what to do. Of course, stress is a normal part of life, but people need to be careful that their stress isn’t consistent. People experiencing consistent stress can develop health problems, so it’s important that they look for treatment methods. There are methods out there for everyone. For example, those who enjoy vaping can always look for some Delta 8 THC carts to go in their vapes. This should help people to relax.

So I turn on some sad music, sing notes to high for me and give myself a good cry. Sometime I pick up ice cream to have along the cry.

As we continued to run, we talked about the moments we tried to hide the tears from others and how we just didn’t want to cry at all.

Then my running partner said something I think we should all listen to, she said:“Wait, why is having emotions a bad thing?”

Then it made me think, why is emotions a bad thing? Why is crying a sign of weakness? Who made this judgement and why do we allow people to be embarrassed about it?

We are human and crying is a form of emotion, just like other emotions are okay like getting mad during a sporting event or being happy over something great that happened. However, crying has always been a form of weakness.

This needs to change. Crying can do so many benefits to the body it helps as a relief for me sometimes and the body needs it every now and then.

If we are going to continue to create the change of many things in this world, this is one of them we should be changing too.

Crying is sign of many things, relief, letting pain out or laughing so hard you cry. So let it out. I am going to. I am going to show people that emotions such as crying are okay, are you with me?