About a year ago Lauren Conrad, who is one of my idols, was on a radio talk show with Sway in the morning. After Conrad talked about the latest stuff going on with her life and about self image with women, she was asked to answer a series of questions out of a bag.

One of the questions was what is your favorite position? Of course, we are all waiting for her response to be about her sex life and something private most celebrities would share. Instead Conrad replied with one simple word: CEO. That was the perfect answer.

The interviewer high-fived her right away and said she was so smart.


She is CEO of her company and that is her favorite position. Of course, that would be her answer, why did everyone else think in a sexual way, including myself.

I have always respected Conrad but that just showed even more the movement that women need to have happen. I think most of us think someone’s favorite position is a sexual answer however Conrad shows that there are many different positions out there that are women’s favorite positions.

We all are proud of our positions as moms, daughters, best friends, students or professionals. These should be our favorite positions. These should be the positions we are proud to uphold.

There are many feminism acts going on right now. Some people do not even know what that word means or the whole movement behind yet.

I just personally believe women should be happy with who they are, should celebrate their wins in success and help push each other to get to the top instead of knocking each other down.

After listening to this interview with Conrad, I got to thinking about my favorite position. What defined me? While my head went to the gutter when waiting for her answer in the interview I got to thinking even more about this. If her favorite position was CEO, what was mine? My favorite position (s) are best friend and young professional. I am proud to be such good friends with some amazing people and to hold the position I have as a young professional. I am absolutely proud of where I have come from where I was.

The problem with today’s society is instead of a women being proud of where she is, we are told to play it off like it is nothing, to not celebrate our successes but instead become sex symbols and only care about our looks and our bodies. While these things are good for your health, feeling as though you have to lower your successes or anything in this world should be not be okay.

One thing I have learned growing up is that sometimes it is not always being in a ‘man’s world’ that shatters women being proud of their successes; it is other women. This needs to stop. You should not cut down another woman because of what she has accomplishment or what she has. Instead you should be happy she can even succeed in all those things, just as she should be happy for you.

Women! We need to work together to create this movement, to show how much we support each other instead of being the ones to talk about each other, be petty or jealous.

So what is your favorite position? What are your successes? And how are you going to stand against those that cut you down?

Remember, you are a lover, a friend, a professional, a mother, a student, a sister and/or daughter.