In January 2017, I found myself in front of more than 100 students in Bay City, Michigan talking about women empowerment and self-love. This came about after, two high school seniors Keelie and Kiley came to me about a project they were working on for a careers class around Public Relations and women empowerment. This projects was to put together an event, publicize it and then eventually compete against other students across their state. When they asked if Self Love Beauty would be part of it, I was overjoyed to help them make a strong impact on others.  

The day event was outstanding and I was interviewed in front of their classmates and it was very cool experience, especially when I asked the group who has not loved themselves at one point, who has been bullied and who has felt as though people have been mean to them and each of them raised their hands. It showed everyone around them that they are not alone and each person has felt the same way. It showcased that even though you think you are alone, many others have felt that way. That was just one aspect of the event that was extremely powerful. 

I have gotten to know Keelie and Kiley over the past couple of months, and boy are they going to change the world. To even pick a topic around women empowerment and choose their future plans to change the world makes me so excited to see what our next generation of women will do! Keelie will be attending will be attending Grand Valley State University to study Business Management with a minor in International Business/Humanitarianism and will attend Northwood College and pursue into Marketing & Management along with Communications. Just speaking to them, you can see that they are going to make a difference.

After the event of speaking to more than 100 students, I had the opportunity to sit down with these girls to learn even more about why self-love and empowerment.

Keelie and Kiley, why did you decide to do this project on Self Love Beauty?

Together we chose to do this project with Self Love Beauty because we wanted to do something that we knew would make an impact on the people of our school. We felt that Self Love is an important topic that needs to be talked about more, especially during such a developmental time like high school. [Keelie]

I chose this project to educate others on the importance of loving yourself and others, flaws and all. To let others know it’s okay to love yourself and embrace it. [Kiley]

What does self-love mean to you?

Self love means to me being self-assured, meaning i’m comfortable in my own body and not feeling the necessity to conform to other people’s standards. [Keelie] 

Self Love means to me being comfortable and confident with not only my body but my strengths and weaknesses. [Kiley] 

What makes you feel like an empowering woman?

Overall this project has made me feel like an empowering women. To me empowering other women has empowered me, it sound so cliche but I have felt a real change since doing this project and working with Lisa.  [Keelie]

I feel like an empowered women when I have the confidence in myself and encourage other women around me to do the same. [Kiley]

What are YOU doing to make a difference for the women around you?

This project really made me realize all the little things I can to do to support the women around me. Lately I have been doing stuff as simple as telling the women that they look great in what they are wearing realizing that it may not mean anything to me, but it could mean the world to that person. Together we all need to work to support each other more instead of bring each other down. [Keelie]

I will encourage women to boost other women’s confidence up. To support and love each other no matter what. We need to have each other’s support and do great things. Trust that we will become leaders and empowering women in our near future. [Kiley]

In the generation you are in, what pressures do you feel the most? How can the platform of Self Love Beauty help you?

My generation is credited with being lazy and dependent, along with that my generation also expects the men and women to live up to these crazy ideas of self image and what it means to be successful. Self Love Beauty and brands similar provide me with positive outlet and support system that makes me feel comfortable being exactly who I am helping me live up to my full potential. [Keelie]

In this generation I feel that the world today pressures you to be someone you don’t want to be. I feel that women today should do whatever makes them feel confident and happy. You shouldn’t look at other women and want to be like them just because its whats “in” or popular. You should feel happy in your own skin and have your own passions. Self Love Beauty is a perfect to feel like you matter and have a purpose . No matter what you look like, no matter if you’re male or female, you are important and beautiful. [Kiley]

How has this projected impacted others and helped you?

The impact and positive influence this project has generated is empowering in itself. I’ve had many different people including my mentors talk to me about how our event made them feel so empowered and the difference it made on their lives. The impact that this project had on me was realizing the power I have to make a positive difference on the lives around me. [Keelie]

This project helped me to overall become more aware about women in general. That no one is alone and it’s normal to feel low at times. I think that it impacted not only myself but everyone else too that loving yourself is the greatest feeling in the world. That women today can and will be leaders in our near future. [Kiley]

What else do you want viewers to know?

My only hope is that everyone can experience the power and difference this amazing organization and Lisa has had on us. I’m so grateful for all the help we had to make our project a success. When starting this project I never realized how influential it could be on other women, let alone myself. [Keelie]

Self Love Beauty has touched me and other around me in so many different ways. This has made me feel beautiful and important. I feel as if I will do great things and empower other women around me. Thank you so much Lisa for all your love and support. You are amazing, and I hope you continue inspiring women like me to love ourselves. [Kiley]