I discovered this incredible tool that I’m about to share with you, out of pure necessity. I would wake up in the mornings and feel so many emotions coursing through my body. There were so many times where I felt dizzy, ungrounded, angry and overall not good.  SO… out of necessity I would sit my wild butt down on my meditation cushion and tend to myself.

What started happening intuitively as I sat with myself was tappingtapping on my body, my heart, my arms, my stomach, I noticed all of the stagnant emotions would start moving and releasing. I moved my body around, made noises and did whatever felt good. Then just like that, an alternative to the traditional tapping technique was born that I like to call it Intuitive Tap.

Listen to Your Body, Not Your Mind

My new method is birthed from the traditional “tapping” technique. The traditional technique is pretty well known in the mainstream now, which is awesome because it really works! The traditional technique of tapping involves tapping on specific points on the body and repeating phrases along with it. What I do has a little bit of my own twista variation that feels good for me, so I recommend you choose what feels good for you as well.

With Intuitive Tap, the focus is on using your own intuition to feel where on your body wants your loving tap to move the energy.  Your intuition will tell you if you need to stay in a place for a while and tap or move quickly over many areas, whatever feels right for you. You also may want to tap fast or slow.  The key here is to feel into your body and let it guide you. If you can focus your attention enough on the body and less on the mind, it will. Once the energy starts moving, you may want to make sounds, make circle motions with your body or shake a little. Again, allow your body to guide you with what it wantsnot your mindwhich can sometimes take a little practice, so no worries!

Make It Special

After tapping, moving, and making sounds for a while you will start to notice a shift. You may notice a feeling of stillness, happiness, or a feeling of being more connected to yourself. This is what we want!  Sometimes it may happen after a short time of tapping and others a longer time depending on where you are atthis is all perfect. You are simply moving the stagnant energy in your body that is ready to move.

This is your sacred time with yourself, so make it extra special with sage, candles, your yoga mat or  whatever makes you feel supported.  It’s such a beautiful process of unfoldment so INJOY, lovelies!

I would like to offer you a free gift today that will help you deepen your embodiment, self-love and connection with yourself. In this video practice we create a weekly nourishment list together from a deep space of feminine listening. This list will be there to help when you’re feeling disconnected or drained and need something to re-energize you and connect you back to yourself again. 

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Kristina is an Women’s Intuitive Empowerment Coach. Previously timid and lacking in confidence and self-love, Kristina is now blazing her own trail to help women around the world step into their power, self-acceptance and vitality.  She focuses on teaching the importance of self-embodiment and self-nourishment to get to know the true self and fully blossom as the unique beautiful being that you are.
Working on the physical, emotional and spiritual layers, she uses her intuitive gifts along with practical knowledge and experience in this field to help bring about empowerment and wellbeing to Women. She is a certified Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher and takes a mind, body, spirit approach in all of her work.