Peace Self Love Beauty


Written by Contributor Writer Monique Muro

There is no peace like the peace you intentionally make for yourself. It’s a wonderful feeling on the days when you are most restless, most anxious, most overrun by thoughts of self-sabotage and negativity, to make space for your own personal peace. When we make the choice to dive head first into creating peace for ourselves, it means we are paying attention to our inner selves, and nourishing them the way we nourish our bodies with food and water.

So do it today. Scoot over and make a little room for peace. We’re all busy, but peace doesn’t take up much room (I swear). Here are a few ways you can allow in a little peace into your days.

Read a quick article on Marc and Angel Hack Life

This is a personal development blog, and one I visit daily for its inspirational articles. Their articles inspire so much peace in your heart after reading them, and encourage you to pause and reflect on the wonderful things that are already available in your life.

 Read a daily motivational message

Check out the beautiful affirmations of Louise Hay of Hay House radio. They are constant reminders that we are loving, spiritual beings, constantly working out of love for ourselves and other people. You can also try The Daily Motivator, which publishes a positive and encouraging message every day. Use that one affirmation or one message throughout the day to ground you into the present.

Set aside two minutes for meditation.

There’s a website called Do Nothing for Two Minutes, or you can find a really great short meditation on a cool app I use called Buddhify. It also helps to sit quietly in silence. Don’t try to stop your thoughts or resist their chatter, just take some time to let them float there, and listen to the silence. There is beauty and peace in doing nothing for a few minutes. Let your brain rest and recharge.

Go for a quick walk around the block.

Go outside, and just enjoy what you see. Feel the light breeze on your skin, feel it flutter your hair. What do you see and smell? Engage your senses and feel the beauty of everything around you. Kris Carr, a wellness author, reminds us in her Crazy Sexy Love Notes app that the birds outside can teach us just as much as the internet.

Buy yourself flowers and/or a candle.

The flowers can be real or fake (I love the fake ones because they make me smile forever, and they’re less expensive!) Put them on your desk or on your table, and add the candle. This small addition to your desk or bedroom can add so much peace to your days. You’ll start to feel the calm almost instantly. 

Tune into any show on Hay House radio for a few minutes.

Hay House Radio is online radio that speaks to the soul. Every show that airs is all about spiritual empowerment and peace, and just listening for a few minutes is enough to center you and help you feel the love. My favorite show is Shift Happens with Dr. Robert Holden, it airs every Thursday at 10am.

Drink something nourishing.

It’s amazing how much more at peace with the world you feel when you are nourished, not to mention it gives you the ability to think clearly! Try an Evolution drink or a juice by Good Foods, both are vegetable juices without any additional ingredients other than fruits and veggies. Also Taste Nirvana coconut water – it’s pure bliss!

I hope some of these will help you add a bit of peace to your days. Have you tried any of these before? What other ways can we add peace? I’d love to hear your thoughts!