6 years ago today Self love Beauty was published. I was a 22 year old woman who was trying to understand how to manage her health, juggle a new life post college and become a better person.

So I wrote about it…

I wrote about my life, my struggles and I learned many people felt the same way I did. 

A year into starting the blog, I decided Self Love Beauty needed more voices… so I took on contributor writers. Many who have become friends and others who are still writing for us. 

Our viewership went from just friends and family to a global scale. 

Years later, I created a Beautiful Me collection to help women express their self-love journey and it has grown over the years to new clothing, new opinions and new styles.

I grew to have Beautiful Me campaigns across the state of Michigan, an ambassador program made up of more than 80 women and opportunities more than I could imagine. 

These past six years of my personal life have had many ups and downs to my self-love journey.

In these past six years I have been… Been criticized multiple times; both through comments online and through rumors. At first I cried. Then I owed it and found a stronger voice.

I have been through not one but two heart breaks; I have fallen in love and fallen out of love; currently single and appreciating the life given to me.

I have laughed until my abs couldn’t anymore and I have cried until I got a bloody nose.

I have lost friends but gained new ones who believe in me.

I have watched my sister and friends get married and watched their happiness shine.

I have been blessed with two handsome nephews and a new addition to my family [a puppy named Denver]. 

I have been to Haiti not once but five times and continue to look forward to my next trip. 

I went from a strong faith, to questioning God’s plan for me to trusting him more than ever.

I’ve had set backs in my career where I lost all confidence in my abilities to finding it again and growing to learn to embrace my style.

I went from not understanding my worth to walking away from people and things that don’t value it.

I have learned that who I am is all I ever want to be. 

I have taken chance. I have also been scared.

And I have a seen my journey unfold like the journey of this brand… so many ups downs, trials/failures but also huge success and outstanding moments.

Today marks 6 years…. only 6 years this brand has been around and we have impact not hundreds but thousands of men and women.

So I wanted to say, thank you for believing in us.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

But most importantly thank you for being you.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!