“We believe women shouldn’t be confined to what’s conventional. We should be free to be comfortable and confident, and free to be ourselves. That’s why what we do feels so unlike anything you’ve worn before. To put it simply, we make intimates that you’ll love to live in.”

This is the mission of Knix and they really are working to fit the needs of you and I in our daily lives.

Think about how much we wear intimate clothing? Between our daily bras, under shirts, sports bras and underwear, we wear intimates EVERY DAY! So my question to you, is why not wear a brand that fits to make you feel confident and comfortable?

Self Love Beauty’s mission has always been to help everyone have self-love and confidence and that includes feeling 100% comfortable in what you wear. If you head to Kinx’s website right now, you will see women just like you and I on the front page. This outstanding company has found a way to create products that customers want but also what customers need. If you scroll between their bras, underwear and tops, you will see exactly what I am talking about. The clothing even is labeled with us in mind “Longevity bra“, “Don’t sweat it T-Shirt” and “Athletic Bikini“… I hope those scream run to their site and order now! 

Think about your day for a minute and why you deserve intimates that help you multi task. I don’t know about you but in today’s life, it is busy…very busy and somedays, I am running from the gym, to work, to out with friends to running errands. I need clothing that makes me feel comfortable.

Why spend a full day filled with amazing opportunities and be uncomfortable in what you are wearing? 

This company really spoke to me, when I found their website, I truly was inspired because they are giving women every where the opportunity to wear clothing that makes them confident and comfortable.

The more comfortable and confident you are, the more you rock in other parts of you life like:

  • Your career
  • Your Purpose
  • In Kindness and Love for others
  • In Kindness and Love for yourself
  • Energy to do the things you love
  • Power to inspire others, to be you and to grow 

I love finding new companies that are making a difference in the lives of women. Check them out at https://knix.com/collections/bras.