We often push people away, because the ones that won’t allow us, are the ones who actually care to stay.

Anxiety isn’t just something people start to feel during interviews or testing. It’s not always being someone with an anxiety disorder. Living with anxiety means millions of different thoughts rushing through our minds that can’t be slowed down.

It’s our hearts racing fast, feeling like we just ran miles, but in reality we just made it out of bed. It’s that constant pressure on our chests as if an elephant is standing on us. The dizziness, weakness, and the feeling that we are not in our own bodies. Although anxiety, attacks and disorders aren’t the same for everyone, we all understand why it feels harder for others to love us. If you struggle with anxiety and have done so for a while, you’ll want to read through some of your anxieties impact on physical health. However, anxiety has an impact both mentally and physically. Often, it can be so mentally draining that physically you can feel exhausted. The truth is, this is no way to live and it should be stopped. Accessing help from doctors is essential when struggling with a mental illness, but if the pills offered aren’t something that appeals to you or won’t help you, perhaps look into more natural methods. Over the years, people have successfully used weed as a form of treatment for their anxiety, with many looking for and buying cheap shatter canada online. Obviously, research needs to be done before trying it for yourself, but it’s worth a try to improve the quality of day-to-day life.

“If we push everyone away then we have no one to let down.”

See, we constantly analyze every situation. It can be as simple as a face someone made, or a ten-second conversation we held. We feel judged constantly. It doesn’t matter what we are doing because we always feel like we aren’t doing enough. We don’t feel like we are enough. Since we feel this way, we often push others away. If we push everyone away then we have no one to let down. Except us, but we get pretty used to letting ourselves down.

To love someone like us, you can’t take things to heart. We aren’t being short with you, we just have so much going on in our minds sometimes we feel trapped, and we become frustrated. If you’re in a bad mood, you have to constantly remind us we did nothing wrong, because we will overthink until we make up a reason why we could be the problem.

Be prepared to remind us we are safe over and over again, in similar situations. Its helping us love ourselves, and proving you care about us, because most days it is difficult for us to love ourselves.

It may be hard some days, and to be honest, bad days may come more than good days. Just know, that the ones who suffer this way, care the most. We care about your emotions and thoughts. You can’t hide your feelings from us, because we know the signs. If you stayed after we pushed you away, we know you care too. We get comfortable with sharing our dark moments because you proved you wanted to truly stay.

One of the most important things to remember about anxiety is that there are many different ways of treating it. Some people choose to attend therapy sessions to talk through their stress and worries whereas others prefer to look for natural methods of relieving anxiety related symptoms. For example, one of my friends likes to use all natural hemp oil and has found that this has helped her to relax. Ultimately, treating anxiety is all about finding a method that works for you. If you are interested in finding out more about hemp oil or CBD products you can visit – https://pharmorganics.co/

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