Women all over the country have a hard time accessing feminine products and two organizations have come together to try and change that: Alliance for Period Supplies and U by Kotex. Their donation campaign is called: With U, She Can.

“One in four women struggles to access period products. Together we can change that.” – U by Kotex

Joanne Samuel Goldblum is the Founder and CEO of the Alliance for Period Supplies, a program under the National Diaper Bank Network. We were able to connect to Goldblum and gain insight about her selfless job and this campaign that helps so many women. 

Period poverty has been a silent conversation in most communities in the US. From this, the Alliance for Period Supplies focuses on improving the well-being of individuals through three main initiatives:

  • Raising awareness: Bringing national attention to the lack of access to period supplies facing individuals in need through outreach to the general public and community leaders.
  • Strengthening community-based access to period products: Supporting the nationwide development and expansion of local period supply initiatives to help build capacity and capability to serve more individuals in need.
  • Generating and distributing donations of period products: Distributing period products to a network of community-based programs, thereby ensuring all individuals can access these essential needs.

“I believe the basic needs of every person should be met. Hygiene products are often overlooked when it comes to supporting families. Not being clean and not having what you need when you have your period can cause feelings of shame and embarrassment,” explains Goldblum on what prompted her to take this position. “We are the richest country in the world, and there is no excuse that there are people who have to stay home from work or school because they cannot afford the products they need to manage their periods.” 

Goldblum had first started helping women back in 2004 by creating what is now The Diaper Bank of Connecticut. In the beginning, she explained that others thought what she was doing did not matter and found her passion laughable. With her confidence and strong support system, she knew that she was making a difference in the community and in these mothers’ lives.

Self Love Beauty’s mission is to invest, impact and educate individuals on the importance of self-love and confidence in order to empower them to be the best version of themselves. Goldblum relates by saying “everyone deserves to have their needs met. We say it simply and directly—people should not be made to feel ‘less than’ to get what they need to thrive.”

“Just keep going! I always tell my kids – just smile, nod, and get the work done!” -Joanne Samuel Goldblum

Learn more about With U, She Can here and more information on the Alliance for Period Supplies here!