Written by Contributor Writer Gabriella Hoffman 

Global poverty is a momentous issue facing our current society. After watching this video in a public relations class I was moved to share this video with Self Love Beauty followers. The video exposes women from around the world working to become powerful and proactive individuals even in the face of global strife and poverty. This video was produced through Care.org and promoted through the United Nations Millennium Campaign.

After researching the backstory of the video, I found this statistic that was astonishing. According to Care.org,

“Women produce half the world’s food, put in two-thirds of the world’s working hours, and yet make only make 10 percent of the world’s income. That’s not just disheartening, it’s unjust. We fight for gender equality, because righting this imbalance is key to fighting global poverty.”

The fight for an equal society may never be won however as women we can work to improve our lives and the lives of women across the world.

Women all across the globe are in positions of power, manual labor and providing for their families, all in an effort to contribute to society and improve communities. No matter race, ethnicity or age women have the power to accomplish these missions to overcome prejudice. Overcoming poverty is not an issue that is solved over night, but through the efforts of these global leaders progress is made each day.

The emotions on the women’s faces tell it all, they have the desire and passion to overcome, accomplish and contribute to society no matter the financial limits they may be experiencing. It is clear that poverty and gender inequality is happening to women of all ethnic backgrounds and ages-mothers, sisters, partners and wives alike.

I believe in the inspiration this can bring to many blog readers. These women face monumental struggles compared to the difficulties we face in our everyday lives. This video reminds us to put our lives in perspective as we go through the motions of our stressful lives. We must remember that women across the nation are working through their struggles on a much larger scale, while producing half the world’s food and only making 10 percent of the world’s income and that is an accomplishment we can’t compete with.

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