The other day someone called me ‘strong’ all I remember was thinking strong? me? No, strong is the other women that have been through much more than me, however she was right. I am DAMN STRONG. I have been through so many obstacles, tears, fights with myself and the list goes on.
I always have conversations with people that over time I have become more mature, smarter, more intelligent thinking and if I knew everything I did now, I would have tried to let the innocent views I use to have continue.
So I guess after all, I do want to share the many pieces of advice with you. I promise the learning never ends and with turning 26 soon, I know the learnings will just continue.

You are weird; you have your own unique quirks and they make you who you are. 

Whenever someone starts to try to describe me to others, they have this painted pictured and I always interpret and say “I am just weird” Being different is a good thing, being weird is a good thing. We all have unique things about ourselves and that is perfectly okay. Not everyone will understand it, but that just means you have to find the people in your life that are okay with your weirdest. Find it and be comfortable, if someone makes you uncomfortable with your weirdest, its time to walk away.

Be creative.

We each have different things about ourselves that are creative. We have these gifts and we should not take them for granted. Some of us its medical, some its communications and others its the art of engineering. Embrace this, make use of it and make the world a better place. It needs you to use your gifts.

Be caring and kind toward everyone you meet. 

Talk to strangers. Learn about their life. Learn from their experiences. Make connections. Say hi to everyone. Smile. All these things will help someone, you never know what a person could be going through and how you could change their life.

Learn the word NO and stick to it

I was always the yes person to things I didn’t want to do because I felt I had to. I have learned overtime it is completely okay to say no to things you don’t want to do. It is okay to be selfish and spend time on your goals and do things that you truly want to do. Say yes to those and no to things you don’t want to be part of and stick with it.

Find Your Glow

Beauty and your glow go hand in hand right here. Find what makes you glow and continue to let it shine. It could be the way you talk about your passion, the way you laugh or smile. But find it and continue to glow over it every day. Find that inner beauty.

Live in the Moment

I say this and this is something I am still learning but at the younger years it is extremely important. Stop always thinking of the future, I mean always take steps toward it but don’t forget to live in the moment. Go out with your friends. Be crazy. Dance on bars. Drink to much. Pick your friends over the hot guy. Live in the moment. You cannot get these moments back.

Don’t apologize for being a strong, independent, powerful woman

Society, men and other women will continue to try to push you away from this. Continue to make you feel less than you are and want to apologize for everything. Don’t. Stand on your two feet and push back. You will have moments of being misunderstood but thats when you find your girl squad of other women the same as you and you cheer each other on.

Be okay being alone

Eat a meal out at a restaurant alone. Stay in your sweats on a Friday night by yourself eating ice cream and watching your favorite movies. Learn to be alone, learn to love being alone, and mainly learn to love yourself.  Use dating as an experience to learn what you want, new experiences and who you want in your life. I promise you the guys that take you for granted aren’t worth your time, regardless of how many times you think you can deal with it, at the end of the day you would be settling. Be particular with what you want in a guy and stick with. Learn to be alone, learn to love yourself and the rest will fall into place because you won’t settle or let yourself be disrespected.

Go after what you want, no matter the challenge

Want to climb that mountain? Start your own business? Become the first woman President? Ask that cute guy at the bar on a date? Just do it. Go for it, there is nothing stopping you but yourself.

Be okay with being an perfect imperfect mess

Noone is perfect and the day you realize everyone is a mess the more you will be okay with your own mess. Be you. Be that perfect imperfect mess that everyone loves. Don’t stress about having it together all the time. Your imperfection make you beautiful