Hero Self Love Beauty she is brave

The other day I heard the quote:

“She needed a hero, so that’s what she became.”

As I read this, I thought how we each love the fairy tales where the man is the hero, he saves his woman and they ride off into the sunset. We love to believe that men are the heroes in the story and the ones that save us for being unhappy.

As, I read this quote, I kept thinking of all the times I wanted someone to come save me, I wanted someone to just take my hand and be my hero in my story. However more than once, I had to learn to be strong and be my own hero. For all the ways, I didn’t have someone taking my hand and saving me, I had to save myself. I had to face my own fears, mature as a person and learn how to save myself. Each and every time, I became a strong person and the woman I am today. I wish I could tell you it was easy and that I still some times don’t want to be saved when I am just done with a situation. However, I have learned quickly that becoming your own hero is huge.

Never Know Who is Watching. 

I think some time we forget the little girl watching from the corner, or the friend that is going through sometimes how when they see that fight and determination in your eyes how much they want to become their own hero to their story too. I can definitely admit, when I see someone saving themselves either through watching them or from their story, that fight and determination in myself thick-ins. 

Become your own hero. 

So put on that red cap, get out of your terrible funk, put on whatever makes you feel sexy and go conquer that fear. Fight through the hardship and become a better and stronger woman because of it.

Remember, that prince charming isn’t going to ride up on the white horse and save you. You have to love yourself first and that means becoming your own hero in your own story.