A woman writer is just as powerful as her pen.

The ink of tears that convey only a story she can tell.

The drips and subtle dips of the pen to paper tell a story of strength, power, bravery, resilience, and power.

No one yields a pen like a sword than me and the thousands of women before me.

Paving the paths for future female writers to use their vice in the shape of the pen, their stage, a blank canvas of paper as white, a snowy-white birch tree.

Find your power ladies; find your power in the pen, pencil, paintbrush, music note, a ball of clay ballet, or tap shoes.

Our minds; our bodies; our gifts and eve are shortcomings are gifts, tools to make this earth at its core and make it roar like the fierce queens and warriors we all are.

There is more than one positive way to make a scene, without bringing one another down in a fist fight, or war of words where no one wins, and everyone loses.

So, ladies let’s start a movement with our gifts and talents whether it be the power of a pen or the power of our intellect.

And start a moment, instead of waging war against one other to outrun one another to the top of the glass ceiling.

Let’s build a kingdom from that very glass together instead.