Create. That is what the rock said as a young woman handed it to me at a coffee shop. 

She held her hand out and said she had something she always held onto but she figured I needed it more.

Create it said.

After coffee, I walked to my car and kept thinking “Create?” What does that even mean? Why did she feel that was for me? 

That rock sat in car right where I could see if for a few days. Everyday I got into my car I would see it and think the same thing, what does create mean? What did she want me to know?

Yesterday, I got into my car from the gym and I saw the rock again and I just sat there thinking what does CREATE mean to me? 

Well it means a lot of things..

Create means creating the future that you want

Create means crafting the pieces of your life to make it into what you want

Create means helping others through our own passion and purpose 

Create means for Self Love Beauty creating opportunities for others, empowering them and being part of the change

Create means creating a life for those around me so they know they are not alone in their journey to self-love

Create means speaking up for those around me so that they someday will have voice or feel empowered to speak up one

Create means changing the world;

And lastly, I was created for a reason. 

I get it now, that rock with the word create on it was another motivation for me to continue to create change for the women around me and our next generation. It also is a reminder that I have the opportunity to create the life I want.

That rock now sits in office so that every time I have a moment of doubt, I am reminder that not only can I create new opportunities and change but I was created for a purpose and to utilize my passion to make a better life for everyone

So what are you going to create?