Enjoying wine downtown inspired this post; to remember the importance to savor the journey, if it’s 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years.

Don’t stunt the growth of personal development.


Time is a precious element of life. If you are too concerned about the end result time will pass and you won’t even know it. Life is too short to not take every second of time as a learning experience. Time: a moment of life for an opportunity. To fulfill personal development, we must use these moments of time to the best of our ability. I love talking about living successfully, but it is so important to remember to make the most of every minute as life is short. We must never be bored, always look at time as opportunity to complete a task, remember moments of time can and should be used to relax as well, that is just as important for development.  

Time must also be spent with purpose and value, understand when and how your time is best spent. Once 5 o’clock hits leave your work at work and walk away from your email. Relaxation and alone time is just as important as every productive hour at work.

There are experiences, techniques and skills to learn every day in every office. Be willing to take a couple extra moments out of your day to learn that skill. The power of knowledge is incredible to set you apart from the competition.  

As I ponder graduate school, I realize I am up for the challenge to learn in an educational setting again. I never really thought I had it in me, why I doubted it I am not sure. But nevertheless, it’s been at the top of my mind recently. Taking a leap for education is scary and requires dedication, but it will entirely thrive my growth potential, personally and professionally.

Build your cheering section.

One of my favorite quotes is, “surround yourself with those who lift you higher.” This is so true in personal and professional life alike. We cannot grow to our full potential without support; we need those people who enjoy a drink with us on the great days and on the worst. In return, you too can grow personally from being that support to a friend, we have the chance to learn from those around us as they go through growth in their professional life. 

Embrace every chance.

Simply put, never underestimate an opportunity to grow. Growth can come in a variety of ways depending on goals, profession and personality; find what causes your growth. Challenge yourself with opportunities, take yourself out of your comfort zone daily.

–Continue to grow to be your best beautiful self.